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1 Employee Reviews
“Very disappointed”

This company is a respected biotech leader

I felt that most of my peers were hard-working, intelligent professionals


Zero company loyalty to employees

Disillusionment--Company mission and values feel like a sham

No job security (lots of re-organizing, whole departments laid off, acquisitions, spin-offs)

High turn-over

Advice to Candidates

This company is a business like any other. If you're hired, don't buy into their mission statements or "work fearlessly, change lives" motto. It's just employee "marketing." Biogen cares about the bottom line.and you are just a tool in that effort, fully expendable. I was lucky to be one of the few people in our department to dodge the bullet when there was a huge lay off. I was moved to another department, but I never felt the same after that. I was very disillusioned. It was such an eye-opener. I saw many good, talented, and hard-working people leave. It didn't make any sense to me then and it still doesn't, over two years later. I eventually decided to leave myself.

I gained lots of valuable skills while I was there. I was surprised that the company was not in better shape than it was for one that has such a good reputation. Work processes were just okay and needed a lot of improvement. There were issues that came up which I would have expected a mature and established company to have worked out by now. These issues were the kind that become more problematic over time, as the company grows. Senior management was, generally, well-informed and resourceful with industry knowledge, but had poor management skills, in my experience. They also "skimmed the surface" with regard to doing their jobs.For example, in our department, we had a VP and multiple Directors, but nobody wanted to tackle the deep, pervasive issues which I alluded to above. There was also the typical, red tape that you see with most bigger companies--it took multiple committees to get anything accomplished.

If you do decide to work there, get as much experience as you can, but plan to move on. If you see the likes of Price Waterhouse Cooper mulling around in your department, beware!

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