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“J&J: very insular... the pros and cons of a strong (closed) culture”

Strong culture, routed in inspiring history; very stable, diversified company; great benefits and compensation; excellent travel and career opportunities; great products that help alot of people. Awesome place to start from the bottom.


Not the place to join if you are mid-career (10 years experience) or beyond. J&J is a closed system... newcomers are outsiders. J&J is not open to new ideas or approaches from the outside... most extreme 'not invented here' culture I have seen. (But a great place to learn the J&J Way if you are starting your career.) In J&J, the internel network, built over your J&J career, is critical to survival... more imporatnt than technical talent. Mid-career people don't have a chance.

Advice to Candidates

Spend at least as much time networking (preferably face-to-face) as you do doing your actual job in your first year.

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