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About The Original Bradford Soap Works Inc

Bradford Soap Works is far from being a dud with suds. As a top manufacturer of private-label bath soaps, the company makes soap and personal care formulations specifically for consumer products firms. Products, which include bar soaps, gels, powders, and mousses, are manufactured under names AngelSkin, Eco-Ex, OrganicChoices, Chakra, Body Buffing Grain, and Watercolors, among others. Bradford Soap also makes certified organic ingredients, detergent, lubricants, and foam stabilizers for industrial use. Bradford also provides outsourcing services (packaging, assembly and manufacturing) through its facility in Mexico. Founded in 1876 to make soaps for the textile industry, Bradford operates in the US and Mexico.


Other products include bathroom accessories including shower pouf sponges, loofas, scrubbing brushes, manicure/pedicure kits, wash cloths, and other spa-related products.

For industrial applications, the company has bulk programs manufacturing soaps in flake, powder, and liquid forms for processing aids, lubricants, and wetting agents. It also produces specialized sodium and potassium soaps, ammonium and potassium stearates, detergents, and anti-microbials; and offers manufacturing services for customers who have existing formulations that lack the capacity to manufacture them.

The company's Mexico facility is a Maquiladora, with a special status that allows it to ship materials from the US duty-free and take advantage of the low cost of labor in Mexico. Beyond products, this facility offers turn-key services, such as gift-set assembly, hand-wrapping and decoration of finished goods. It's also equipped for assembly-related work beyond the personal care product arena.

Geographic Reach

Bradford Soap Works is headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island, and has three facilities in Columbus, Indiana; Calexico, California; and Mexicali, Mexico.

Sales and Marketing

Some of the company's direct sell customers include Amway, HSN, and QVC. Its retailers include Wal-Mart, Kmart, Aveda, and Family Dollar; while hospitality customers include Sandals, Holiday Inn, Marriott, and Marco Island. Other customers are top personal care brands including Tom's, Ambl, Cetaphil, Yardley, Dove, and Aramis.


The company's position as a leader in soap production is regularly contested by competitors that dole out reduced wages and benefits. To stay competitive, Bradford staffs more than half of its production positions at facilities in Indiana and Mexico.

Company Background

Bradford purchased New Jersey-based custom soaps rival Stahl Soap in 2009. As part of the deal, Bradford transitioned Stahl's manufacturing to Rhode Island and integrated the company into its operations.

The Original Bradford Soap Works Inc

West Warwick, RI 02893-2508
Phone: 1 (401) 821-2141


Employer Type: Privately Owned
Executive Vice President Business Development: Chris Buckley
Vice President Of Sales: Ron Girard
Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer: John Karol
Employees (This Location): 300
Employees (All Locations): 400

Major Office Locations

West Warwick, RI

Other Locations

Columbus, IN