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The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law. The two founded the organization to exonerate wrongly convicted people and help them regain their freedom. Through DNA testing, the Innocence Project has helped many folks find freedom after a wrongful conviction. It helps to expose flaws in our current criminal justice system as well as support major criminal justice reform. Innocence Project has groups across the country as well as ten international locations. The organization has helped to regain the freedom and prove the innocence of over 200 people, 192 of those simply with DNA testing. Scheck and Neufeld were some of the first people to realize the value of using DNA testing to help prove innocence, not just guilt.

Through the organization’s work, Innocence Project has been able to not only help individuals win their cases, but it has been critical to exposing issues in the criminal justice system. Through the casework and research, Innocence Project has found that wrongful convictions impact Black people in the United States disproportionately more than white, Asian, Latinx, and indigenous people. It has also been found that 63 percent of wrongful convictions come down to a misidentification by an eyewitness and 52 percent to misapplied forensics. With a passionate team of attorneys as well as over one million members, the organization is able to bring hope to individuals and change to a system in dire need of an upgrade.

Innocence Project is made up of a team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals who are supported by a corporate staff that is just as passionate about the critical cases and reform the organization works on. The legal team faces the organization’s issues of focus head on, from exoneration cases to system reform. The organization also has educational services and organized support systems that help to spread awareness of the issues and support those impacted by them.

The Innocence Project

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