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Everytown for Gun Safety began in 2013 when grassroots gun control movements Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America joined forces in their efforts to end gun violence in the United States. Everytown is still, at its core, a grassroots movement that thrives on community efforts towards advocating for gun control and educating the public about gun policy and statistics. The organization does advocacy work, supports political candidates, conducts research, fights in the courts, works with gun violence survivors, works to expose the NRA, and generally builds awareness for the need for better gun control in the United States.

Everytown works at local, state, and federal government levels with over six million members. The organization operates with a passionate team of volunteers and employees who are working towards a common goal. Employees work in departments from data and digital campaigns to law and policy to research. They organize based on the level of government, but all work and collaborate constantly in order to bring the widest reaching and most impactful solutions to the table. Leading research combined with the eloquence and effectiveness of the top law and press team has led to compelling solutions to the issue of gun violence from Everytown.

The organization has been an integral part of passing gun reform laws across the country. Its research allows for unbiased, fact based solutions that have helped evoke change. Everytown Law is the largest litigation team in the nation that fights for gun safety. The litigation team is one of the most important groups working at Everytown. In addition to fighting in court, they provide free legal advice and often free representation to individual and government clients. This passion for and commitment to gun safety is what fuels the organization to keep moving forward, while donations and volunteers allow it to operate and create the momentum and movements that have fostered important cultural and lawful change.

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