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The Environmental Defense Fund is one of the world’s leading environmental organizations, doing critical research and advocacy work in order to fight for a healthy and sustainable future for the environment. The nonprofit was founded in 1967. The first battle, however, began a few years earlier, in a case against the harmful impact of DDT. DDT was a type of pesticide used widely across farms that would carry through the food chain, poisoning everything from the crops themselves to the animals and humans that ate them. DDT especially threatened the survival and heath of the osprey, bald eagle, and peregrine falcon. A group of researchers and scientists in Long island, New York began to take note of the decline of these birds’ populations and found that DDT was a major factor. The group decided to advocate for the environment not just through scientific and academic means, but by using the evidence and facts they gathered and taking it to court. They worked with a lawyer to argue the case in order to defend the environment.

By 1966, a statewide ban in New York was placed on DDT. The success of the scientists in the courtroom drew national attention, and helped set the standard for other environmental advocacy groups to begin holding the government accountable for caring for the environment. Thus in 1967, the EDF was officially incorporated.

Today, the EDF focuses on issues regarding the climate, energy, ecosystems, oceans, and public health. Each of these areas are critical to defending our environment as well as the people and wildlife that occupy it. The EDF engages in field-leading research, integrating scientific information with the economic impacts, allowing for a full picture and more detailed solutions when it comes to how society can effectively engage in environmental protection. Through partnerships and advocacy, the organization is able to bring the most critical environmental issues to light and work with industry and government leaders to make necessary changes. It partners with companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, FedEx, and more to create sustainability promises and efforts that positively impact both business and the environment.

The EDF team is made up of economists, communications experts, lawyers, environmental scientists, and more. The group is a diverse coalition of experts in all fields that all have the same interest at the forefront. This team depends upon the support of over 2 million members who volunteer and donate in order to help the work of the EDF remain impactful and efficient.

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