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“Pressure to meet arbitrary data quotas while also being compassionate”

It can be very fulfilling helping when you succeed in helping others. I got along really well with my team and liked most people I worked with. Lots of PTO and holidays. Extra pay for working on holidays. Flexible scheduling options once you have some seniority. Good health insurance and retirement plan. Opportunities to work from home. Helps you build your people skills and patience.


Those promoted tend to get a big head. During my time, they laid off all of the best team leaders because they were tenured and kept the new, untested ones. They let a particular arrogant supervisor be creepy to women without reproach. There was pressure to meet numbers on gathering data, but this didn't always mesh with trying to be compassionate and natural to the callers. Hassling people to give you their personal information was frustrating and it seems like we were graded on this metric more than on the quality of the calls. It can be super depressing hearing really sad stories all day and often not being able to offer any significant actual help. Some callers are very abusive. The pay is pretty bad unless you get promoted to supervisor, but since it's a non-profit, you can't complain too much. There are a lot of people who are just working there after college until they go to grad school.

Advice to Candidates

Be ready for a really grueling training course and to need to blow off a lot of steam at the end of each week.

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