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Epic Games has been on the gaming world’s radar since 1991, when it was founded by Tim Sweeney—still the company’s CEO to date. Its main office is in Cary, NC, but it has offices all over the world. Epic’s most recognizable product by far is the overnight sensation Fortnite, a game unique in its price point (free to play), modes of play (Battle Royale, creative game- building, and PvE co-op), and structure (rotating seasons to keep the game fresh). Fortnite has more than 350 million registered accounts and is the source of a shocking number of TikTok dances.

But Epic’s other product, the Unreal Engine, is perhaps even more of an industry powerhouse behind the scenes. Unreal is a 3D creation tool used in many of the world’s most popular and visually stunning games, as well is in fields like architecture, automotive, and film and television. Unreal is considered an industry standard, and Epic is constantly developing and refining the product, making it function better and for more purposes. Not to mention that Epic’s social network Houseparty was particularly popular during the COVID-19 epidemic, as it allowed users to play party games online for safe, socially distant fun.

While Epic has been in the gaming game for decades, its most recent smash hits have catapulted it to front-and-center of the industry’s attention. And with its continuously expanding scope, it’s hard to imagine that this will soon change.

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620 Crossroads Blvd.
Cary, NC 27518
Phone: (918) 854-0700

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CEO: Tim Sweeney

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Cary, NC

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