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About Directv Group Holdings, LLC

DIRECTV takes television straight to the masses. The company, a subsidiary of AT&T, operates the largest direct-to-home (DTH) digital-TV service in the US, ahead of the likes of Charter Communications and in direct competition with cable providers such as Comcast (#1 overall in the pay-TV market) and others. In addition to its 20 million US customers, DIRECTV counts about another 13 million subscribers in Latin America. Services offered by DIRECTV include HD, 3D, and video-on-demand (VOD) programming. In addition to satellite service, DIRECTV provides internet video streaming through its DIRECTV NOW offering in the US and DIRECTV GO in South America. DIRECTV is a subsidiary of AT&T.

Sales and Marketing

DIRECTV sells its product through a number of distribution channels, including direct sales, online, national sales providers, local sales providers, and consumer electronics retailers. AT&T sells DIRECTV services through its channels.


DIRECTV has tried to regain consumers who have dropped satellite and cable Pay-TV subscriptions by offering internet streaming services. The company's DIRECTV NOW streams in the US, while DIRECTV GO streams in Latin America. The streaming packages offer mixes of channels, including premium channels like HBO, and sport programming, for different price points.


Company Background

The DIRECTV Group's roots go back to 1932, when Hughes Aircraft was founded to build experimental airplanes for Howard Hughes, who set a number of world airspeed records with the company's H-1 racer. It was more than 60 years later when  successor company Hughes Electronics launched its DIRECTV satellite service to compete against cable TV companies. With the advent of DIRECTV and other satellite service providers, satellite dishes sprouted on rooftops throughout the US.

In 2015, AT&T bought DIRECTV, adding to its telecommunications empire.


Directv Group Holdings, LLC

2260 E Imperial Hwy
El Segundo, CA 90245-3501
Phone: 1 (310) 964-5000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Principal Engineer: Denny Lai
Principal Engineer: Carlos Rosado
CEO, AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services: John T. Stankey
Employees (This Location): 170
Employees (All Locations): 31,700

Major Office Locations

El Segundo, CA

Other Locations

Bessemer, AL
Lancaster, CA
Ridgecrest, CA
Washington, DC
New York, NY