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“Entry Level”

Great benefits

ESOP company

Amenities on campus (fitness center, cafeteria)


WFH depends on group you're in. Entry level employees rarely get to officially receive this benefit at all.


Cut throat resources due to minimal spending.

Rules are always changing. No one seems to know what official policies are.

Takes a really long time to grow inside the company.

Discrimination: has been a problem with the DOJ in the past. (And still is).

Advice to Candidates

Get in and get out. Extremely hard to grow within this company, and coworkers will agree. Good stepping stone. But after a year or two, leave. Noncompetitive pay. Management is all over the place and has no care for the employees unless they are bringing in won contracts or good at writing proposals. Favoritism is far too common here. Discrimination is a huge problem. More importantly, sexual harassment has been complained about many times in this company, with no harsh consequences. I unfortunately know this from even my own experience.

Advice to Management -

If the company as a whole has the option of working from home, do not restrict this flexibility to certain groups, nor treat it as a "privilege" for those who are simply "older." Set the rules straight and provide actual reasons as to why one isn't allowed instead of deciding based on sheer favoritism and age/experience. Do not treat the junior staff with a hierarchical mentality which proves discouraging. Also, take complaints seriously and provide communication about how to officially handle harassment in the workplace instead of trying to protect top employees.

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