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“Manager, Innovation Practice”

- Depending on manager, there is high visibility of how the team finances are doing

- Opportunity to move around company for new roles

- Socially, teams are very active with a family atmosphere, albeit due to long office hours


- Low pay, no benefits

- No emphasis on training to create a better well-rounded employee, all employee are put into silos in which you focus on a single product, for a single client, within a single industry - severely limiting knowledge of any other marketing activities

- Sales gets all the special treatment and financial compensation, research is given significantly lower salary although doing 80% of client management

- Terrible management of peoples expectations, will constantly overpromise

- 'Awards' for working on client engagements are very low in monetary value, have worked 100 hours a week for 3 straight weeks for a £100 award and no promotion.

- Does not invest in employee health, well-being, drive any social programs internally

Advice to Candidates

- take the time to think about the perspective of the role, are you going to be fixated on a single client and/or product for a majority of your role?

- expect to be on call 24/7 from Monday to Friday.

- Even when you are 15 years into the role at a director level, due to being a SERVICE provider, you will have to work late hours because all work is interconnected, thus if one person slacks off, you will have to work a 15 hour day to fix issues in order to make a client delivery.

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