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About Epsilon

Epsilon is a global marketing company. Its approach to marketing, however, is breaking barriers and challenging traditional ideas in the way businesses go about their marketing strategies. At Epsilon, marketing is based not just on output, but on outcome. Using industry-leading data and research, Epsilon helps companies make decisions and moves that will help foster predictable and beneficial results, thus making the planning for next moves smoother and faster, streamlining the whole marketing process. 

In 2019, Publicis Groupe, the major French marketing company, acquired Epsilon. It was one of the biggest acquisitions in marketing history. The acquisition centered Epsilon in Publicis Groupe’s marketing business. Epsilon operates in over 40 offices around the world with 8,000 employees. The company works in a number of industries including auto, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, restaurants, retail, travel, and tourism.

Epsilon offers a number of products and services that provide its signature predictive model. The Epsilon People Cloud uses three simple steps: anticipate, activate, and prove. The People Cloud connects billions of online and offline intent signals with predictive AI. This web of consumer profiles allows for a deeper, more thorough understanding of who a consumer base is and what exactly they want. Using interconnected product suites and persistent IDs, the People Cloud is able to activate and operate across devices and channels. This real-time, predictive model provides reportable and usable data. 

The data assets at Epsilon are invaluable to making the best marketing decisions for customers. The data is ethically sourced from public records, surveys, partners, and transactional data. The data at Epsilon makes it products like the People Cloud function efficiently and do the work they’re meant to. Epsilon is made of a team of experts who aren’t just cranking out advertising campaigns but are using the highest quality data to create marketing plans with the desired outcomes and most beneficial customer interactions.


16945 Northcase Drive
Suite 1610
Houston, TX 77060
Phone: (281) 670-0002

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Michael Robert
Employees (All Locations): 8,000

Major Office Locations

Dallas (Corporate Headquarters)
Irving, TX
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Major Departments & Practices

Client Management
Data Sciences
Human Resources
Marketing and Communications
Media Trading