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About CreatorIQ

Social media is on the rise as a key marketing platform for companies of all kinds. The new platform gives way for new players in the marketing game. Influencers and creatives have headed to social media as new voices for a variety of content and products. CreatorIQ helps match companies with influencers to best publicize their brand and grow their market. The company uses Google AI image recognition for more thorough data and provides features like growth history and cross-platform content so that companies can engage with social media creators that best fit their brand and will help share that brand with a whole new audience.


Creator IQ is on the cutting edge of marketing as social media becomes the principal way which clientele engages with a company. Its innovative Social CRM gives a plethora of tools so that companies can effectively search for and communicate with potential brand voices. Not only is the company a leader in the field but a teacher. Creator IQ’s insights and critical knowledge prove that its tactics are based on detailed research that’s been successful at predicting the future of social media marketing. In a recent blog post, Creator IQ wrote about successful influencer marketing campaigns. It gives key steps like identifying the end-goal of activation and then assessing the measurement methodology. This industry knowledge sets Creator IQ ahead of its peers. “Though it has historically been challenging to prove the impact of influencer marketing campaigns, there is now an array of metrics and tools available to help brands measure results against their goals,” says Creator IQ. Its keen analysis of the rising industry makes them a critical asset for any customer looking to beat competitors on the marketing front.


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Employer Type: Private
CEO: Igor Vaks
Employees (All Locations): 167

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