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About Acxiom


Acxiom was founded over 50 years ago to provide strategic solutions that make marketing more meaningful. Today, the company lives out this vision by providing industry-leading solutions that allow for the ethical and efficient use of data to connect and streamline companies’ marketing efforts. Acxiom is an Interpublic company; the Interpublic Group acquired Acxiom in 2018, adding it to its Media, Data, and Technology offerings with two other companies: Mediabrands and Kinesso. Acxiom offers a plethora of different solutions and services, including customer relationship management, data and technology, digital marketing, digital transformation, marketing services, measurement and analytics, and strategy and consulting. It works with companies all over the world and operates out North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Acxiom works in numerous industries. Financial services, automotive, insurance, entertainment, and retail are just a few. The company’s refined and researched data solutions aren’t just cut-and-paste software systems. Acxiom works directly with companies to tailor solutions that garner the best results. Acxiom has worked with a company called Schar, a specialized food brand that provides packaged foods for people with dietary restrictions. Schar came to Acxiom to improve its online self-assessment tool. It created an audience of “1.4 million online prospects based on weighted-keyword content consumption.” The eight-week campaign was reportedly twice as effective as Google’s Custom Affinity, Intent, and Keyword Contextual Solutions. It also performed 3.3 time higher than the click-through rate benchmark.

The team at Acxiom is tight-knit, passionate, and highly motivated. The company offers a robust benefits program, including on-site gyms, discount programs, 40 hours of paid volunteer time, and even food trucks and snacks at the office. Acxiom is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. At Acxiom, not only do employees boast a fantastic work-life balance, but they do so at a company that is constantly on the cutting edge of data and marketing. The work is never done at Acxiom, providing new and improved solutions is a vision the team at Acxiom doesn’t quit chasing.


301 East Dave Ward Drive
Conway, AR 73032
Phone: (501) 342-2722

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Scott E. Howe
Employees (All Locations): 2,100

Major Office Locations

Conway, Arkansas United States

Major Departments & Practices

Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Information Technology
Legal & Privacy
Product Development
Professional Services
Sales & Services