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About Vantage Partners


Crimson ties

Vantage Partners, founded in 1997, traces its roots back to the Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP), an interdisciplinary research center focused on negotiation in world conflict that was started at Harvard Law School in 1979.  Though the HNP was initially designed to facilitate more effective international relations, its members soon realized that the same principles used to engage in successful diplomatic relations could also be applied to the business world.  Thus, HNP founded Vantage Partners.  With offices in Boston and Los Angeles, Vantage Partners helps companies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM and Microsoft manage partnerships and organizational conflict.  The firm offers four main areas of consulting services: alliance management, key customer relationships, outsourcing management and sourcing and supplier management.  The Vantage-Harvard connection lives on—every current Vantage director attended Harvard College and/or Harvard Law School.  Since its establishment in 1997, Vantage Partners has been active in guiding the world’s biggest corporations in building organizational expertise and effective partnerships. 


Let's talk it out
A fundamental principal at Vantage is that "between 50 and 70 percent of business relationships fail to meet their objectives and that the primary cause of this failure is poor or damaged working relationships between partners."  Through its consulting services and corporate education products, Vantage works with a broad spectrum of clients across the information technology, financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, entertainment, petroleum and minerals, professional services, and manufacturing industries to help form lasting and more productive strategic alliances.  In February 2007, Vantage announced a new Virtual Seminar Series, which explores crucial aspects of managing key alliance, supplier, outsourcing, customer and internal relationships.

Taking relationships high tech
In October 2006, Vantage Technologies, the software solutions arm of Vantage Partners, merged with Ann Arbor-based Janeeva, a provider of outsourcing relationship management software.  Janeeva CEO Vinay Gupta remained head of the combined units, while Vantage Director Danny Ertel was named chairman of the Janeeva board of directors.  According to Janeeva, the combined expertise of Janeeva and Vantage Technologies would serve to make the new company the foremost global provider of ORM software.  Another partnership was established in 2008—an alliance of services of Vantage Partners and Integrity Interactive.  This partnership aims to deliver better services to both of the company’s customers in terms of third party relationship management.  Additionally, the partnership would help both companies in protecting their assets.  In May of the same year, Vantage partners sold its alliance management platform, Alliancesmith to New York-based management tools and services provider, Vertical*i. 

The pen is mightier
Aside from their work as consultants, many Vantage staffers are prolific writers, public speakers and educators.  Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, originally published in 1983 and now in its second edition, is easily the firm's most recognized publication, and serves as the basis for much of Vantage's work.  Getting to YES serves as a guide to negotiating personal and professional disputes and has sold over three million copies translated into 23 languages.  Negotiating and Managing Key Supplier Relationships: A Cross-Industry Study of 20 Best Practices, co-authored by Vantage Directors Mark Gordon and Jonathan Hughes in 2004, addresses relationship management practices with key suppliers across six areas: evaluation and selection, negotiation, post-deal relationship management, performance monitoring, termination, and portfolio governance and management.  And there's promise for more insightful business tomes—in July 2006, Vantage announced an alliance with Harvard Business School Publishing, in which the two companies produce a suite of leadership development products designed to enhance negotiation, communication and relationship management.

New releases
Vantage Partners continues to accomplish different researches and publications.  In the latter half of the 2000s, the company was able to fulfill several projects relating to its studies.  Among its releases is the global research on customer-supplier negotiations in 2009, new findings on offshoring relationship management, as well as research on the value of supplier relationship management, both discovered in 2010. 

Vantage Partners

Brighton Landing West
10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
Phone: (617) 354-6090

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Co-Founder & Director: Danny Ertel
2007 Employees (All Locations): 70