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There are lots of reasons for you to consider Trinity. Here are just a few:

• We are in our 22nd year as a consulting company, profitable and growing.
• We have grown every year since our founding, including through two serious market downturns.
• Our Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants and Consultants work directly with Sr. Consultants—in some cases
with Principals and Partners —and gain direct exposure to clients and business issues.
• We are neither bureaucratic nor hierarchical.
• You will not get “lost ” in layers of managers.
• You will be surrounded by accomplished peers and colleagues who share similar interests in life sciences.
• You will work with individuals who share your desire for excellence.
• You will enjoy short business trips that ensure better work / life balance.
• You will drive your own success through value-add individual and team performance.
• You will work in a collegial team environment.
• You will excel at Trinity by mastering your responsibilities, by going above and beyond the basic duties and by taking initiative.

See what A Day in the Life of a Trinity Consultant looks like.

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Who is Trinity?
Trinity Partners, LLC (“Trinity”) is a leading life sciences consulting firm that provides strategic and tactical insights to clients worldwide. Our clients are among the most successful firms in the industry and include a mix of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies. Blending consulting services with research capabilities, we specialize in corporate strategy, pipeline & portfolio optimization, brand planning, market analytics, promotional effectiveness, and licensing & acquisition. Based just outside Boston, MA, with offices in New York City, Princeton and San Francisco. Trinity has over 100 employees. Trinity is an EEO organization.

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What opportunities do recent graduates have at Trinity?
Associate Consultant/Senior Associate Consultant:
At Trinity, Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants work as integral parts of one or more project teams comprised of skilled colleagues and management team members. This environment provides Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants with exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues, as well as the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry. On each project, Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants gather information, create and interpret analyses, and present findings to project teams and clients. Their work is the base upon which our recommendations are ultimately grounded. Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants develop their skills through undergoing extensive formal and informal training, as well as receiving mentorship that encourages them to stretch their analytical skills.

Trinity Consultants fulfill a leadership role on multiple case teams, designing and implementing strategies to help our clients maintain strong growth. Client engagements are generally focused on one or more areas of Trinity’s specialized expertise. Trinity Consultants have unique opportunities to manage the daily client interactions with full oversight over the project teams—client management, project management, employee management, budget and financial management, and more. Consultants also provide mentorship to other junior employees across multiple teams. With exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues within the life sciences industry, this position offers qualified candidates the opportunity to take on immediately challenging and rewarding roles.

The ideal candidate for an Associate Consultant/Senior Associate Consultant or a Consultant position is a graduate from a top-tier university with demonstrated quantitative skills, analytic skills, and initiative in their previous academic and work/ internship experiences. We seek degrees, areas of concentration and/or work experience in fields such as Economics or health sciences, together with demonstrated interest and/or work experience in relevant areas within life sciences.

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What formal training does Trinity provide to new Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants/Consultants?
Trinity has designed and implemented an effective two-week intensive introductory training program for new hires. This program presents a comprehensive perspective on our vision and businesses, trains individuals in specific analytical and technical skills necessary for success at Trinity, and challenges Associate Consultants/Senior Associate Consultants and Consultants through working on practice projects that are presented at the conclusion of training. We also provide additional training throughout the year. This presents our consultants with opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill set on an ongoing basis.

Who will I report to?
All of our Consultants report to an assigned team leader, which at Trinity we call a POD Manager, who is directly responsible for their training, exposure to different projects, expanding their skills, and career growth at Trinity.

Has Trinity experienced any employee turnover?
Similar to other businesses, Trinity experiences employee departures from time to time, but our turnover rate is well below the industry average. We have experienced departures by employees who chose to attend business school or medical school. In some cases, they
remain with Trinity and pursue these degrees on a part-time or evening basis. Still, some individuals remain in touch with Trinity after departing and consider returning to Trinity upon their degree completion. We have an excellent track record of recruiting individuals who find the Trinity work experience to be extremely valuable and career rewarding.

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How does Trinity treat compensation?
Trinity prides itself on offering all employees with a performance based culture. Each position level has the opportunity to earn higherthan-market range total compensation as a result of value-add contributions made to Trinity’s success through individual, team and
company performances. Our employees receive compensation packages comprised of competitive base salaries with exceptional bonuses through our annual incentive program.

How much travel is there?
Trinity employees travel relative to their clients’ needs and work. However, in most cases, these are short trips to clients. We value a sensible balance between work and home life for our employees. Therefore, Trinity maintains a unique environment that encourages employee-travel only when it is essential to the ongoing client relationship.

Does Trinity promote from within?
Absolutely! We recognize employee performance by encouraging existing staff to advance their careers through internal opportunities. Many of our senior level management team began their careers at Trinity in Associate Consultant/Senior Associate Consultant roles.

How does Trinity evaluate an employee’s performance?
Trinity conducts an employee performance evaluation twice a year. This includes manager-employee evaluations, as well as upward reviews of managers.

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What if I do not have a science background?
Trinity employs top-tier university graduates who possess backgrounds in science, economics, statistics, market research and computer science. For those who do not have a science background, we look for a demonstrated passion for the healthcare market sector and welcome internship and other work experience that demonstrates such interest.

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