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About The Avascent Group

Ascendant Avascent

The Avascent Group is a small management and strategy consultancy based in downtown Washington, D.C., home to the firm's sole office. With a consultant corps of just 70, Avascent feels like a boutique but boasts a wide range of expertise, services and capabilities. Operating "at the intersection of business, technology, and government policy," Avascent counts defense, commercial aerospace and aviation, space, homeland security, transportation and more amongst the many industries it serves. In its 25-year history, clients have included Fortune 500 manufacturers, global business and technology companies, mid-tier systems providers and private equity firms. Avascent’s consulting services focus primarily on driving growth, from developing strategy to executing M&A.

Bring 'em back in one piece

While Avascent doesn't work with government itself, its consultants regularly find themselves advising leading government contractors on complex business and strategy problems.  Many of these engagements are military-minded; Avascent consultants wield expertise in defense and national security issues which, when coupled with a history in the surrounding business landscape, allows them to offer the kind of veteran insights that not every contractor or manufacturer can provide internally.  Firm literature asserts that, with wars winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan and citizens clamoring for reductions in government spending, military programs and technologies will have to rely on efficiency and new markets, rather than wartime subsidies, to stay competitive.  That's where Avascent comes in.

Avascent's expertise isn't just a perk for clients, either. The firm regularly publishes white papers on critical security issues, often touching on the role emerging technologies play—or could soon, if they have their way—in keeping civilians and soldiers safe.  Same goes for the corporate blog: A recent post muses on the topic of "liquid armor", tapped by many as the future of body armor in modern warfare, and its capacity to achieve the "true benefit" behind Avascent's military work—"bringing soldiers home safely".

Life on Mars?

Beyond defense, Avascent sees the "fundamental changes" underway in the space and satellite industry—cue the downfall of NASA and the rise of space-age privateering—as a huge opportunity for themselves and the clients they advise.  Not only might they have a hand in developing and producing exciting new technologies in tandem with commercial contractors, they might also find themselves advising either side of the soon-to-be-hazy line between the public and private sectors.  Not that it's all rosy for the rest of us forward-thinking folk: The firm suggests that the rise of private contracting will see the death of the man on Mars dream in favor of "other targets", at least in the short-term.

The Avascent Group

1225 Eye Street NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-452-6990

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
President: Steve Irwin
2010 Employees (All Locations): 70

Major Office Locations

Washington, DC