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About Strategy& Europe

Strategy& is the global strategy consulting business of professional services firm PwC. The firm was formed on March 31, 2014, when Booz & Company combined with PwC to build a new kind of consulting team, offering strategy-through-execution services under one roof. Strategy& brings more than 100 years of experience helping global clients solve their toughest problems.

Strategy& helps clients solve their most challenging strategic issues. To help its clients compete, Strategy& places a heavy emphasis on foresight and innovative thinking - a trait that goes all the way back to founder Edwin Booz. While typically maintaining a high level of confidentiality around the companies it works for, the firm has an impressive list of accomplishments it publicly acknowledges, including: the merger between the National and American Football Leagues in the 1960s; helping Chrysler with its historic turnaround in the 1970s; developing supply chain management theory; working with the German government to privatize Germany's telecom operations and establish Deutsche Telekom in the 1990s; developing the organizational DNA concept in the 2000s; and releasing the books Strategy That Works in 2016, Fit for Growth in 2017, and The Critical Few in 2019.

Spreading ideas and innovation

The firm continues to stress innovation and leading-edge business ideas, regularly publishing reports, white papers, books, and the award-winning quarterly magazine strategy+business. It also produces regular podcasts and videos to promote its leading research.

As the only at-scale strategy business that’s part of a global professional services network, Strategy& embeds its strategy capabilities with frontline teams across PwC to show clients where they need to go, the choices they’ll need to make to get there, and how to get it right. The result is an authentic strategy process powerful enough to capture possibility, while pragmatic enough to ensure effective delivery. It’s the strategy that gets an organization through the changes of today and drives results that redefine tomorrow. It’s the strategy that turns vision into reality. It’s strategy, made real.

In terms of industry expertise, the firm has expert talent and resources across multiple areas including: aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, industrial products, media and entertainment, oil and gas, retail, transportation, and others.

Its broad expertise is evident in the list of notable firm alumni, including: Katie May, CEO ShippingEasy; Luis Quintiliano, Field Vice President McDonald’s; Albert Pho, Head of Pricing Strategy Talent Solutions, LinkedIn; Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany; Christian Illek, CFO Deutsche Telekom; Dorothée Appel, CIO and CDO Zürich Beteiligungs AG; and Stefan Stroh, CDO Deutsche Bahn. 


June 2017

Strategy& finds more and more companies are hiring Chief Digital Officers to lead their digital transformations

Nineteen percent of the world’s top 2,500 companies have appointed an executive — commonly known as a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) — to oversee the digital transformation of their business, according to the results of a new study about the role from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. Though this number might seem modest, it more than tripled last year’s percentage, when only 6 percent of companies analyzed had hired such an executive. Of equal significance is the fact that 60 percent of the digital leaders identified in our most recent study have only been hired within the last two years. For more insights and in-depth interviews with CDOs, from leading industries, visit

April 2017 

Global study on CEO trends indicates a significant uptick in CEOs forced out of office for ethical lapses: PwC’s Strategy& 

For 17 years, Strategy& has been analyzing CEO succession at the world’s largest 2,500 public companies. In this year’s report, we take a special look at why more CEOs are being forced out of office due to ethical lapses and how companies can build a culture of integrity. In addition, we have our annual analysis on CEO turnover and the 2016 incoming class of CEOs. To read the study, visit

February 2017 

Strategy& releases 10 Principles of Strategy through Execution

Strategy&, the strategy consulting business of PwC, has been studying the relationship between strategy and execution for years. The firm has found that the most iconic enterprises — companies such as Apple, Amazon, Danaher, IKEA, Starbucks, and the Chinese appliance manufacturer Haier, all of which compete successfully time after time— are exceptionally coherent. They put forth a clear winning value proposition, backed up by distinctive capabilities, and apply this mix of strategy and execution to everything they do. 

The firm posits that any company can follow the same path as these successful firms, by following 10 principles. To read them, visit: 

January 2017

PwC’s Strategy& introduces new book "Fit for Growth: A guide to strategic cost cutting, restructuring, and renewal"

Fit for Growth is a new book from Wiley by authors Vinay Couto and Deniz Caglar, leading practitioners in business transformation with Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business. They are principals with PwC US. The third author, John Plansky, is a former principal with PwC US. Fit for Growth serves as the ultimate handbook on strategic cost management, illustrating the importance of investing resources in what makes an organization unique in the market and cutting costs constructively everywhere else.

According to Strategy&'s research, less than 10 percent of companies are actually ready for growth. This is true for companies across a range of sectors especially those in the retail, financial services and healthcare sectors. Slow growth is also affecting the consumer discretionary and industrial products sectors. Focusing on the key elements of the restructuring and renewal journey, Fit for Growth provides the hands-on advice CEOs, senior executives and middle managers in any sector need to cut costs effectively to come out stronger. It also features 30+ specific company examples, including iconic brands like IKEA, Circuit City, and P&G.

To learn more about the book, visit 

January 2017 

Strategy& reveals its 2017 Industry Trends 

Strategy&'s annual collection of industry perspectives addresses major trends, challenges, and opportunities for companies to consider in 20167 and beyond across 146 major industries. The firm's experts developed their views from industry discussions, observations of shifting market dynamics, and skilled analysis of data in the sectors that Strategy& serves. To learn more about the outlook in industry, click here

October 2016

Strategy& presents the 2016 Global Innovation 1000: Sofware-as-a-Catalyst     

Every year Strategy& examines the R&D footprint of some of the world's top companies to understand how much they are spending on R&D, where they are spending, and how that spend has shifted. In 2016, Strategy& found that companies are shifting more R&D spending away from physical products to software and services - and those that do are reporting faster revenue growth than their competitors whose budgets are more focused on physical products. The. See the full study in strategy+business here.

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