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Stonewater Partners Overview

Stonewater Partners answers complex strategic, tactical, and operational questions for industry-leading corporations around the world. Stonewater Partners was founded in 2019 with two objectives: to deliver practical, high-impact results for clients and to be an employer of choice for high-achieving individuals. Stonewater has a uniquely global presence for a boutique firm, with more than half of its clients based outside the United States. In addition to its New York office, Stonewater serves clients from London and Kuala Lumpur.

High-impact, innovative work

Stonewater Partners prides itself in its pragmatic and results-oriented approach to client engagements. As a result, Stonewater has become the strategic partner of choice for a growing roster of clients. While Stonewater delivers projects across a variety of industry verticals, it is best known for its work advising payments, telecommunications, and multisided-platform companies on the development of innovative physical and digital infrastructure.

In the payments industry, one of Stonewater’s practice areas, the firm helps multinational corporations refine cutting-edge digital products and services in a sector that is evolving rapidly. The offerings Stonewater has developed include credit, debit, prepaid, and commercial cards; QR-based payments; real-time payments; rewards and loyalty programs; and in-app consumer experiences. In the telecommunications industry, another area of Stonewater expertise, the firm partners with many of the world’s leading infrastructure providers on initiatives spanning business process optimization, cost reduction, organizational realignment, digital transformation, and corporate finance. Whether their objective is introducing smartphone payments to Southeast Asia’s wet markets or driving 5G rollout in rural Latin America, clients engage Stonewater because they trust the firm to support their critical initiatives.

Meritocratic and collegial corporate culture

Stonewater is distinguished by an open and egalitarian culture to encourage consultants at every level to speak their minds, ensuring the best ideas and individuals rise to the top. In addition to generating transformative client outcomes, this approach fosters an intellectually rigorous idea and employee meritocracy within the firm. Stonewater’s corporate, performance, and compensation structures are designed to recognize and reward continuous high performance, providing top-performing consultants with opportunities for rapid advancement. Consequently, high performers often earn greater responsibility and exposure at Stonewater than they could at larger and more hierarchical firms. Stonewater principals and partners are experts in their respective areas, ensuring that clients and employees alike benefit from deep expertise paired with a nimble approach to problem solving.

Stonewater Partners

800 3rd Ave, Suite 2800
New York, NY 10022
Phone: +1 212 220 4094

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private

Major Office Locations

New York, USA; London, UK; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Major Departments & Practices

Telecommunications, Payments, Platforms