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Book: Monetizing Innovation

Innovation is the most important driver of growth. Today, more than ever, companies need to innovate to survive. But successful innovation – measured in dollars and cents – is a very hard target to hit. Companies obsess over being creative and innovative and spend significant time and expense in designing and building products, yet struggle to monetize them: 72% of innovations fail to meet their financial targets – or fail entirely. Learn more


Blog: How to use psychological pricing to sell more at better prices

When I help my clients in the automotive industry incorporate psychological pricing I often get the following questions: What is that?”, “How do you use it when negotiating with professional buying centers?”, or “This sounds evil. Should we really use this?”

These are all good questions to have. In this article, I’m hoping to help answer these common questions and share some psychological pricing techniques with you that you can use to increase your chances of selling more at better prices.

What is psychological pricing? Read more


Video: We at Simon-Kucher

As a global company, we are happy that our employees are a diverse team of extraordinary individuals. We speak over 40 languages and come from over 36 different nationalities, so most of your colleagues will have very different backgrounds. Watch video