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At a Glance


“A lot of client exposure even at junior levels.”

“Every colleague is extremely dedicated to their work and is motivated to achieve the best results possible.”

“The open and supportive culture combined with a strong focus on entrepreneurship.”


“Intense working periods.”

“Market positioning not aligned with top strategy consulting firms.”

“Working with smart individuals sometimes means that your colleagues always challenge everything and don't simply accept that you are an expert in your field.”

The Buzz

Very prestigious in Europe...

Strong strategy consulting firm

Very big in Germany

About Roland Berger Europe

From its humble beginning as a small, one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown into an international giant. Ranked among the top-10 in global strategy consulting, it is the largest consulting firm to have emerged from Europe, where it still does the bulk of its business; 25 of the firm's 50 offices worldwide are located in Europe, with offices in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North, and South America completing its global footprint. All told, the company employs around 2,700 people worldwide and provides strategy consulting to many of the world's largest corporations in a variety of industries. Those include automotive, construction, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, and travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded the firm in Munich in 1967, growing it into a major player in its field and employing 100 staff within a decade of its founding. The consultancy has passed many landmarks in its journey to its present state; in 1980, for example, it became the first European firm to gain acceptance into the U.S. Association of Management Consulting Firms (formerly ACME). That acceptance was an early indicator of the firm's international reach, and especially impressive given that it didn't arrive in the U.S. in a permanent way until 1995.

In Europe, Roland Berger's presence extends not only to the traditional large markets such as France, Germany or the UK, but also into mid-sized markets such as the Nordics or Portugal. Since the late nineties, Roland Berger has been active in the Middle East and Africa. Offices are located in Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Casablanca.  Due to the growth potential, the firm also supports international and local clients in other countries in the region.

A literate bunch

Roland Berger has no shortage of publications available to the public and its clients. Outside of book publications, the firm's THINK ACT series of magazines, booklets, and newsletters discusses perspectives and opinions on top issues relevant to business decision makers and presents "cutting edge research and analysis" on a specific topic with each issue.

In addition, the firm has two "well-established" academic imprints, which together have put out more than 100 books since their inception: The Roland Berger Institute, which aims to make the firm's research available to clients and the general public; and The Management Series, which features the PhD dissertations of Roland Berger's professionals.

Giving back

In March 2008, Roland Berger used some €50 million of his own private resources to set up the Roland Berger Foundation, an organization that promotes human rights and dignity throughout the world. The Foundation gives a yearly award of up to €1 million to an individual or institution that helps to promote dignity and education. Furthermore, it supports gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged families. The program currently provides scholarships to over 800 primary and secondary school students. In addition to this, the Foundation set up a new support program for unaccompanied refugee minors.


In 2014, Roland Berger founded the digital business platform Terra Numerata™ to help companies proactively shape their own digitalization agenda. It consists of a network of partnerships, aimed at helping businesses fully enter the digital era and connecting the highly fragmented digital business landscape.

In the meantime Terra Numerata™ has grown into a global network of 100 partners today, including startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, data scientists, design thinking agencies, prototypers, developers, etc.. The goal is to bring together firms of different sizes from different segments to help them form alliances and push digital innovation, e.g. by inventing new business models, and thus support the digitalization.

In cooperation with VISA, Roland Berger founded "Spielfeld" a digital innovation hub in Berlin. Spielfeld is a curated co-working space where corporates, start-ups and consultants work side by side. Roland Berger fosters an atmosphere of innovation including start-up pitches, networking events and coaching sessions.

In Paris, Roland Berger is collaborating with NUMA a start-up incubator and accelerator, one of the key reference points of the digital environment in France. Roland Berger offers e.g. Digital Labs, prototype development, innovation workshops and the launch of innovative start-ups with disruptive business models.

In the News

June 2019

New leadership

After 25 years in consulting and 18 years at Roland Berger, CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée has decided to put his invaluable experience and expertise into entrepreneurial practice, following his passion for technology and digitalization. That's why, at their biannual meeting in June, the 230 Partners of the firm decided to lay management responsibility in the hands of a team of five experienced and highly respected Partners who cover all the regions and dimensions of the firm's business: Tijo Collot d'Escury, Sascha Haghani, Satoshi Nagashima, Olivier de Panafieu and Stefan Schaible.

June 2019

Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In June, colleagues from the Roland Berger Middle East office took out time to volunteer at a Dubai school, teaching more than 175 children and youths lessons in entrepreneurship and business innovation. Before entering the classrooms, the consultants themselves underwent a three-hour training session. Its focus was on how to develop a competitive edge, how to uncover root causes of problems and how to then identify innovative solutions (for instance via design thinking) – all of which in a manner that students can relate to.

April 2019

Roland Berger continues diversity initiative

In April, Roland Berger introduced a new network for supporters of their LGBTQ+ community: 'Just be friends' was officially launched during an annual General Assembly of members of the Just be community in Paris. Besides discussing the upsides and drawbacks of coming out, the Just be members also started planning the first Roland Berger Pride Week, which took place in the last week of June. Offices around the globe celebrated Pride and showed their support to their LGBTQ+ colleagues, giving the diversity initiative a new and powerful push.

March 2019

Helping Immigrants join the Labor Market

For the past two years, consultants at Roland Berger Brussels have been supporting the growth ambitions of DUO for a JOB, a social startup. DUO matches jobseekers from immigrant backgrounds with experienced professionals to increase their chances in the job market. The success rate of DUO for a JOB is very high, with over 50% of mentees getting a job after completing the mentoring program. The firm currently provides services in Brussels Liège, Gent and Antwerp. Beyond Paris, the firm is currently also discussing opening an office in Italy.

Why Work Here

Roland Berger Europe

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Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Senior Partner, CEO Germany & Central Europe: Stefan Schaible
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Netherlands: Tijo Collot d'Escury
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Paris Office: Olivier de Panafieu
2019 Employees (All Locations): 2,700

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Munich (Global HQ)
52 offices in 35 countries worldwide

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