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At a Glance

“Abundant international opportunities”

“Empowered to be creative and entrepreneurial”

“Startup atmosphere and culture”


“Lack of structure due to small size”

“Little brand recognition in the U.S.”

“Travel, but that's true for all of consulting”

The Buzz

"Good at automotive space."


"Big in Germany."

About Roland Berger

From its humble beginning as a small, one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown into an international giant. Ranked among the top-10 in global strategy consulting, it is the largest consulting firm to have emerged from Europe, where it still does the bulk of its business; 25 of the firm's 50 offices worldwide are located in Europe, with offices in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America completing its global footprint. All told, the company employs around 2,700 people worldwide, and provides strategy consulting to many of the world's largest corporations in a variety of industries. Those include automotive, construction, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, and travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded the firm in Munich in 1967, growing it into a major player in its field and employing 100 staff within a decade of its founding. The consultancy has passed many landmarks in its journey to its present state; in 1980, for example, it became the first European firm to gain acceptance into the U.S. Association of Management Consulting Firms (formerly ACME). That acceptance was an early indicator of the firm's international reach, and especially impressive given that it didn't arrive in the U.S. in a permanent way until 1995.

While it has found success easy to come by in its home market, Roland Berger has found the American market to be a tougher nut to crack. While there are a variety of reasons for that, legislation is a major one; Deutsche Bank bought a majority stake in the firm in 1988, which added restrictions to the firm's intentions to establish itself Stateside. Specifically, the U.S. Bank Holding Company Act forbade the firm from establishing an independent office within U.S. borders. Because of that, it wasn't until 1995 that Roland Berger set up a representative office in New York, with the help of several American partners. Three years later, the firm regained majority control, enabling it to open an independent office in Detroit, Mich. The presence on the North American market was strengthened with the opening of the Chicago office in 2008, and in Boston and Montreal in 2012.

A literate bunch

Roland Berger has no shortage of publications available to the public and its clients. Outside of book publications, the firm's THINK ACT series of magazines, booklets, and newsletters discusses perspectives and opinions on top issues relevant to business decision makers and presents "cutting edge research and analysis" on a specific topic with each issue.

In addition, the firm has two "well-established" academic imprints, which together have put out more than 100 books since their inception: The Roland Berger Institute, which aims to make the firm's research available to clients and the general public; and The Management Series, which features the PhD dissertations of Roland Berger's professionals.

Giving back

In March 2008, Roland Berger used some €50 million of his own private resources to set up the Roland Berger Foundation, an organization that promotes human rights and dignity throughout the world. The Foundation gives a yearly award of up to €1 million to an individual or institution that helps to promote dignity and education. Furthermore it supports gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged families. The program currently provides scholarships to over 800 primary and secondary school students. In addition to this, the Foundation set up a support program for unaccompanied refugee minors. 


In 2014, Roland Berger founded the digital business platform Terra NumerataTM to help companies proactively shape their own digitalization agenda. It consists of a network of partnerships, aimed at helping businesses fully enter the digital era and connecting the highly fragmented digital business landscape.

In the meantime Terra Numerata™ has grown into a global network of more than 55 partners today, including startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, data scientists, design thinking agencies, prototypers, developers, etc.. The goal is to bring together firms of different sizes from different segments to help them form alliances and push digital innovation, e.g. by inventing new business models, and thus support the digitalization. In the US, Roland Berger collaborates with Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IoT), to offer a robust portfolio of automotive consulting covering the full range of strategic, business, technology, and developmental requirements for automotive customers. Wind River provides software management and engineering support, Roland Berger delivers market insights, trend and business analyses to design innovative business models.


July 2018

Roland Berger launches "Be Well program"

Roland Berger recently launched a new program in the US called "Be Well".  The goal of the program is to encourage employees to focus on personal fitness and healthy lifestyle by offering an allowance that can be used for various items and activities such as gym memberships, workout classes, healthy food subscriptions, health retreats including massage therapy, yoga or meditation, and more. The "Be Well program" will encourage Roland Berger employees to take some time out of their busy schedules for 'me time' to help with work life balance.

June 2018

Charles-Edouard Bouée reelected as CEO

At their regular biannual meeting in Munich, the Roland Berger Partners reelected Charles-Edouard Bouée as the CEO of the firm. The reelection follows a period of strong global business development. "As a firm, we will continue to forge ahead while doing exactly what we advise our clients, which is to continue to build a responsive and flexible organization capable of exploiting the potential and opportunities offered by digital technology", says Bouée. "Digital, tech expertise and cutting-edge management approaches are embedded in our DNA. We will further invest in our Terra Numerata™ (Link) ecosystem in order to meet all our clients' requirements in digital projects. But what makes us truly special is our ability to think and act as a partnership – and add value as a partner: for our clients, our colleagues, for evolving business ecosystems and for society at large." Read more (Link)

June 2018

Think: Act "Artificial Intelligence" – Roland Berger's magazine wins gold

By 2026, Artificial Intelligence will be a fully-fledged industry, reaching into every corner of the economy. AI applications will permeate all areas of human activity, from mobility and information to food, leisure and healthcare. What exactly do people mean when they talk about AI in 2018? What will be the future of work? Roland Berger's corporate magazine about Artificial Intelligence won gold in the Best of Content Marketing Award. Read the full magazine here (Link)

June 2018

Be empowered – Roland Berger launches new volunteering initiative

As an organization it is very important to give back to local communities.  Roland Berger North America organizes volunteering days and supports various volunteering activities initiated by employees. In addition, Roland Berger colleagues recently created a program called "Be Empowered".  During hotel stays the employees collect products such as shampoos, soap, lotions, mouth wash, etc. The products are then given to local women abuse shelters. The aim is to indirectly help organizations that provide shelter and food to empower women to get back on their feet. Hence the name "Be empowered".

June 2017

Women@RB – female business leaders share their experiences

Women today need to support and inspire one another by sharing their experiences. In June, Roland Berger Montreal hosted the event "Be yourself in business". Remarkable female leaders shared their inspirational journeys and provided guidance to female students and professionals. Roland Berger has been making a conscious effort with initiatives around diversity (gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity). This is a core focus of our Global Diversity Committee. Our CEO emphasizes not only the importance of recruiting a diverse workforce, but to make sure the firm is providing an environment where everybody can be successful and authentic. As a result of this global initiative, Roland Berger collaborates with external experts on the topic to deliver various trainings and workshops on diversity topics and to strengthen networking and exchange.

Why Work Here

What's special about Roland Berger?

Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is the only leading consultancy with German heritage and European origin. We pride ourselves on our diverse culture of perspectives and the core values that unites us.

Roland Berger

37000 Woodward Ave, Suite 200
Bloomfield Hills
Detroit, MI 48304
Phone: (248) 729-5000


Employer Type: Private
CEO: Charles-Edouard Bouée

2017 Employees (All Locations): 2,700

Major Office Locations

Munich (Global HQ)
50 offices in 34 countries worldwide

Major Departments & Practices

Operations Strategy
Private Equity
Restructuring & Corporate Finance
Transformation & Leadership
Chemicals & Pharma
Civil Economics & Infrastructure
Consumer Goods & Retail
Energy & Utilities
Engineered Products & High Tech
Financial Services
Technology, Media and Telco