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At a Glance


“Constant challenges and development.”

“Local firm feel, with large corporate muscles.”

“Real strategy projects; exposure to senior clients; Nordic culture.”


“Bringing a relatively unknown brand to new markets can be challenging.”

“Large divergence in how we run projects.”

“Very centralizing leadership and too much control from Denmark.”

The Buzz

“Heard good things about them.”

“Nordic casual, commercial focus.”

“Very cool company.”


Founded in 2002, QVARTZ is a Nordic-based strategy consulting firm with its eyes set firmly on global growth. Currently operating out of five offices, the firm serves clients in a number of different sectors, including private equity, water, energy and cleantech, pharma and medtech, the public sector, consumer brands and retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics, financial services, and media and telecoms. 

Formerly known as Quartz+Co., the firm simplified its name in 2015, with the new spelling serving a dual purpose: not only does QVARTZ help to differentiate the brand, it also happens to be a phonetic approximation of how most people in the firm's home markets pronounce the original brand anyway. 

Alternative Outlook

While it may be a young firm, QVARTZ has always had serious ambitions for the industry it operates in—its website notes that the firm thinks of itself as "a civilisation" that "was founded with the ambition to change management consulting from within." 

To achieve that lofty goal, QVARTZ is built around two key values: results and relationships. The former, says the firm, make it relevant to clients, while the latter "pave the way for mutual understanding and commitment, which are key enables of results." 

Those values are supported by six key beliefs: excellence, diversity, civilization, followership, flexibility, and the "self-invented word" iconicity, which refers to the firm's ability to create iconic moments for clients.


Ryesgade 3A
Copenhagen N DK-2200
Phone: +45 33 17 00 00

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner: Hans Henrik Beck
2019 Employees (All Locations): 450

Major Office Locations

New York

Major Departments & Practices

Consumer brands & retail

Financial services


Media and telecoms

Pharma & medtech

Private equity

Public sector

Transport and logistics

Water, energy & cleantech