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Highly multicultural staff

Growing in the region


Young and still relatively new to the game

Could have difficulty maintaining position during the economic crisis

The Buzz

"Very strong in analytics"



"Not pure consulting"

About Opera Solutions Asia

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Opera Solutions is a global management consulting firm that offers its clients results … fast.  Established in 2004, Opera has undergone rapid growth, and today has 200 consultants in offices in North America, Europe and Asia.  Specializing in product innovation, growth analytics and investment governance advisory services, the firm serves blue-chip clients in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, manufacturing, distribution and retail.  What sets Opera Solutions apart from its competitors, though, is a concept almost unheard of in the consulting services world: a commitment to provide all of its clients with sustainable results in 12 months or less. 

How it works

How does one achieve significant, ideally lasting, change in a matter of months?  For Opera, it starts with the belief that hypothesis-driven consulting is outdated.  Instead, it uses an approach that it calls "total data to total insights."  According to the firm, that involves going beyond getting a mere sample of information about a client, and instead gathering all the data about the client that it can find, then processing it to find appropriate solutions.  When describing its approach and capabilities, the firm throws out terms like "supercomputing" and "mega-data structuring"—reflections of the extent to which its data-heavy approach relies on technology and advanced computing to function.  Simply put, Opera aims to provide deep data analysis to find the right solutions for each client, and aims to convert those solutions into reality—and cash—quickly.

Profitable outcomes

Opera has designed offerings and analytics specifically focused on creating value from its clients’ customer, purchasing, transaction and market data.  These include Opera’s captive data cleaning and structuring facilities, “insight cube†technology for rapid dissection and analysis of huge datasets and next-generation predictive and segmentation modeling capabilities.  (For instance, in a global competition to improve Netflix’s movie recommender engine, Opera is in the top-10 out of 4,200 competitors.)  In addition to those capabilities, the firm maintains dedicated "analytic centers of excellence" in Shanghai, New Delhi and San Diego, California, to ensure its continued advancement in data structuring, data visualization, pricing and revenue growth, customer loyalty and risk management. 
In addition to its proprietary frameworks, the firm emphasizes its end-to-end approach to engagements—and, in fact, will readily tie a portion of compensation to the profits it generates.  Opera’s consultants are skilled in the areas of change management, process re-engineering, negotiation and the integration of analytics into a real-world operating environment. 

The global language of Opera

Part of the key to Opera's methodology lies in its global network of people and resources; the firm has properties in the U.S. (in New York, Jersey City and San Diego), Europe (London and Paris), New Delhi, India and Shanghai, giving it a global reach that encompasses some of the biggest business markets on the planet.  That reach also allows the firm to operate a global staffing model, increasing the speed at which it can analyze all the data it collects—and therefore deliver client results faster, too.  Additionally, the company maintains analytic centers of excellence at three of its locations—New Delhi, San Diego and Shanghai—which makes it possible for Opera to continually seek new ways of advancing its capabilities.

Operaites in the firm's two Asia Pacific offices (located in Shanghai and New Delhi) tend to hold advanced degrees in quantitative fields like engineering, economics, business management, statistics and computer science, while other, more specialized personnel, are focused on data analytics, using tools like SAS, NeuralWare and MARS.  These offices also focus on applying analytical and modeling techniques to direct marketing and risk management functions.

New face on campus

To bring new Indian grads on board, Opera made its first-ever appearance on Indian Institute of Management (IIM)'s Ahmedabad campus in March 2007.  The following year, on the Calcutta campus of IIM, Opera made another debut in March 2008 for recruiting season and the placement process.  Mingling with multinationals, financial giants and the likes of major consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, A.T. Kearney and Arthur D. Little, Opera was one of 22 new companies to make IIM-C a priority on their list.  Consulting proved to be a hot career path among IIM-C students in the Class of 2008—according to the Business Standard, 26 percent of the students were looking for a gig with a consulting firm.


Opera Solutions Asia

Tech Boulevard, 8th Floor, Tower C
Sector 127, Plot No. 6
Noida 201 301
Phone: +91-120-464-2400

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Arnab Gupta
2009 Employees (All Locations): 200

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