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About Opera Solutions

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Zero to 60
How does one achieve significant, ideally lasting, change in a matter of months?  The firm centers its strategy around the fact that clients do not have the tools, visibility and analytic skill set to take advantage of the information and data at their fingertips, and are therefore unable to drive effective profit growth and create long-term strategic advantage.  Opera focuses on exploiting that data and information to create value—and doing so quickly.  As such, the firm develops state-of-the-art technology and analytics that support rapid identification and capture of profit opportunities from very large pools of data. 

Second time’s the charm
Although Opera has only been around for a few years, many of its members have worked together for a long time; Opera's founders are former founding members of Mitchell Madison Group, begun in 1992.  Opera is more than a simple retread of a tried and tested formula, however—many of MMG's executives left the firm due to irreconcilable differences about its direction.  Opera, therefore, was a chance for some of those people to prove that their instincts were correct.

It ain’t over …
Opera has designed offerings and analytics specifically focused on creating value from its clients’ customer, purchasing, transaction and market data.  These include Opera’s captive data cleaning and structuring facilities, “insight cube†technology for rapid dissection and analysis of huge data sets and next-generation predictive and segmentation modeling capabilities.  (For instance, in a global competition to improve Netflix’s movie recommender engine, Opera finished fourth out of 4,200 competitors.) 


Opera emphasizes an end-to-end approach to its engagements, creating hard, measureable performance improvement plans, which allows the firm to offer a range of to profitably offer a range of gain-share fee arrangements that make many projects self-funding for clients.  Moreover, the firm provides technology and analytics services under a range of per-use or monthly fee arrangements that provide flexibility to clients, as well as recurring revenue to Opera. 


The global language of Opera
Part of the key to Opera's methodology lies in its global network of people and resources; the firm has properties in the U.S. (in New York, Jersey City and San Diego), Europe (London and Paris), New Delhi, India and Shanghai, giving it a global reach that encompasses some of the biggest business markets on the planet.  That reach also allows the firm to operate a global staffing model, increasing the speed at which it can analyze all the data it collects—and therefore deliver client results faster, too. 

Opera consultants are every bit as eclectic as the firm's scattering of locations would imply.  Consultants,  culled from the leading business schools and undergraduate programs in North America, Europe and Asia, specialize in change management, process re-engineering, negotiation and integrating analytics into a real-world operating environment.  Those who focus on analytics—among them mathematicians, statisticians and data management specialists—hail from well-regarded universities and technical institutes, and many hold PhDs.  Opera houses over 100 analytic specialists, and they typically work out of one of three scientific and technical centers of excellence.  


Opera Solutions

17 State Street
Unit 164
New York, NY 10004
Phone: (646) 437-2100

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Arnab Gupta
2010 Employees (All Locations): 350

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