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About Monitor Group Europe

Monitor is an international consulting firm that works with the world's leading corporations, governments, and social sector organizations to drive growth. Monitor offers a range of services—strategy and uncertainty, innovation, leadership and organization, marketing, economic security and competitiveness, and social action—to deliver sustainable results. Founded in 1983 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the firm employs 1,200 people in 16 countries  worldwide.

Monitor works across virtually all industries, including health care and life sciences, telecommunications, industrials, energy, consumer products, financial services, tourism, automotive, media and advertising, public sector, and high technology. Monitor prides itself on the long-lasting impact it has on its clients. Work is done in a highly collaborative environment in which consultants and clients team to address significant business issues and opportunities. Moreover, Monitor emphasizes helping its clients learn so they can grow independently.

Putting ideas into practice

It's no coincidence that the firm's headquarters are near Harvard University: Monitor was founded by a group of six former Harvard professors and students dedicated to finding practical applications for the theories that were being taught in the university's business school. Within five years, the group had expanded from the doorstep of its alma mater throughout North America and into Europe and Asia, with its London office opened in 1985. Global expansion has not dimmed the firm's Harvard connection, however—Monitor's thought leaders include nearly a dozen Harvard alumni and current or former professors.

Breadth of activities

Monitor's core competitive strategy capabilities are practiced throughout the organization. In addition, there are several business units that focus on developing and applying cutting-edge thinking in key growth-related disciplines: strategy and uncertainty; innovation; leadership and organizations; marketing; economic security and competitiveness; and social action.

In the field of strategy and uncertainty, the firm provides business unit strategy guidance, corporate finance advisory expertise, geo-strategy advisory, and risk and uncertainty advisory (through the firm’s Global Business Network).

In innovation, Monitor helps clients develop new products, identify unmet needs, generate new business concepts, and prototype those new businesses.

The firm uses its leadership and organization expertise to assist clients seeking to achieve their aspirations by building and mobilizing well-aligned, highly capable, and resilient organizations.

The marketing practice is dedicated to working closely with clients to create answers for their toughest growth challenges and build the capabilities to enable future growth and achieve measurable, superior results.

The economic security and competitiveness practice contributes to solving some of the world’s most intractable problems by shaping the next generation of thinking on economic growth, job creation, governance models and sustainable wealth creation, and by influencing leaders around the globe on policy choices and their implementation decisions that affect these issues.

In Europe, the firm's key industry focus areas are in life sciences, industrials/chemicals and consumer packaged goods/retail.


On a philosophical level, Monitor understands that career development is individualized, stemming from different choices and rates of advancement. Consistent with the firm’s meritocratic beliefs, there are no minimum time frames for how long an individual must stay in a career stage. This allows exceptional performers the opportunity for more rapid advancement than they might achieve at firms with a more conventional promotion system.

Conscientious corporation

Monitor shows a great deal of social awareness, and acknowledges its larger responsibilities as a prominent global institution through several initiatives. Monitor has a unit focused on helping innovative leaders in the nonprofit sector develop and achieve sustainable solutions to significant social and environmental problems. In addition, the firm is the signature partner to New Profit, Inc., a U.S.-based venture philanthropy fund that provides strategic counseling and financial support to social entrepreneurs. Monitor also partners with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), a nonprofit that helps prepare African-American, Hispanic, and Native American youth for leadership positions in companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurial ventures. Collaborating with New Profit, Monitor advised MLT on its growth strategy and governance, and has supplied consultants as faculty for the program's career prep classes. Monitor has also partnered with MLT in recruiting talented consultants for its U.S. offices. The firm also partners with Teach for America (TFA), a national teacher corps that places recent college grads in teaching positions in impoverished towns and cities across the United States. As a partner with the organization, Monitor agrees to hold positions for recruits who accept a two-year term with TFA. Recruits are also selected from existing TFA corps members.

Monitor Group Europe

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Cambridge, MA 02141
Phone: +1 (617) 252-2000

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Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner: Stephen Jennings
2012 Employees (All Locations): 1,200

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