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About L.E.K. Consulting Europe


Founded in 1983, L.E.K. Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that draws on its core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modelling, analysis and strategy development  The firm maintains an on the ground presence on five continents and 12 countries, while its clients are global companies that are leaders in their industries, - including the largest private and public sector organisations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses.  The firm has strength in major industries: Business Services, Consumer Products, Education and Environment, Financial Services, Healthcare Services, Industrial, Life Sciences and Pharma, Media and Entertainment, Private Equity, Retail, Travel and Transport.

Digging in

Underscoring all its services, says L.E.K., are its data-driven capabilities that drive insights. "The most valuable service that L.E.K. provides," the firm says, "is to leverage deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver fresh insights with real impact to clients." The firm's teams dig into each assignment with open minds, and apply sophisticated analysis, to provide clients with clear, actionable recommendations for its strategy consulting engagements. By applying advanced analytics capabilities L.E.K., provides organisations with effective ways to analyse and model business events using internal and external data.

Offering a helping hand

L.E.K. takes its responsibilities—especially its social responsibilities —seriously. Since 2006 L.E.K. has been driving social impact through its pro bono initiative. For example, L.E.K. recently completed a project with the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), whose biggest goal is to eliminate Parkinson’s disease (PD) in our lifetime. A team of consultants helped MJFF to better understand the potential of wearable and mobile technology and their use in R&D efforts. Ultimately, the development of an evergreen tool to evaluate and prioritize mobile technologies has the potential to significantly reduce costs for PD research and touch the lives of millions of people worldwide living with PD. The work has earned L.E.K. and MJFF a Consulting Magazine Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award.

In the News

Jan, 2021

Preparedness, Policy And Patients – Learning From The Pandemic

10 Lessons COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Managing The Threat Of Infectious Diseases

In Vivo

By Adrienne Rivlin and Martin Billman

The COVID-19 pandemic is serving as a catalyst to draw attention to other destructive infectious diseases that continue to ravage communities across the world. This is to be welcomed, but we must also ask what we have learnt from our recent experiences that can be deployed to help accelerate approaches to fighting other, similarly devastating, established and emerging infectious diseases.

Sep, 2020

Industrial Firms Need to Give Their Customers a Digital Experience

Harvard Business Review

by Darren Perry, Gavin McGrath, and Harpreet Singh

We tend to think that industrial customers are old-fashioned in their tastes. But in fact the authors have research showing that they are hungry for digital innovation in their interactions with industrial suppliers. In May 2020 L.E.K.’s Annual Contractor Survey found that most industrials customers are already using digital tools for purchases and other activities. For example, the survey found that building and construction customers used digital channels 80% to 90% of the time to gather product information, read reviews, compare prices, and check product quality and availability. Across all industries, upwards of 40% of planned purchases are now made on websites or mobile apps. Indeed, many industrials leaders are calling for increased investment in digital customer experiences to maintain the health of the sales funnel, drive conversion, and maintain relationships — and there is ample evidence that such investments pay off. Leading industrial companies will think through their customer journey and how digital tools can enhance each step along the way.

Top trends shaping food and drink beyond Covid-19


By Dominic Miles

Dominic Miles, partner and global co-head of L.E.K.’s consumer practice, sheds light on the likely scenarios paving the way for recovery.

November 2019

Shorter working weeks aren’t the route to better productivity

People Management

By Andrew Allum and Peter Ward

Simply cutting hours will only provide an illusory boost, say Andrew Allum and Peter Ward. The best way to empower employees is more nuanced

The UK has a well-documented productivity problem. Eurostat data shows that the productivity gap between the UK and Denmark, the EU country with the shortest working week, is now 23.5 per cent. Debate continues about the causes and possible solutions, as do discussions about excessive working hours, with employees of all demographics seeking a better work-life balance.

June, 2019

The challenge of artificial intelligence

Healthcare Markets

By Ben Faircloth and Guillaume Duparc

Developments in Artificial Intelligence are being made throughout the global healthcare sector, with potential benefits for providers, payors and patients. Guillaume Duparc and Ben Faircloth, partners at L.E.K. Consulting, discuss the barriers to large-scale adoption of AI technology and how they can be overcome

June, 2019

Second-charge lending on the rise

Financial Times

By Peter Ward

The second-charge lending market used to be a reserve option, used predominantly by near-prime and sub-prime audiences, but it has been transformed by regulatory reforms, product refinement and tighter underwriting. As a result, it has grown substantially in the past three years, leading some observers to draw comparisons to the period preceding the financial crisis as customer indebtedness rises.

We believe these comparisons are unfair, and that the market now shows fundamentally different characteristics compared to the pre-credit crunch era.

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