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816 Employee Reviews
“its a grind”

with the current State and Local practice leadership there are very few uppers outside of pay


poor leadership on most levels

constat insistant drive to use your spare time for "inside projects and councils" that never go anywhere

work life blance is preached but never practiced

nonexistant stratigic planning

want to help on a proposal? you'll be doing that in your spare time and not charing to anyting for it

where we once had a community and a team that we were proud to work for, there is now a soulless machine that sees you as a number and nothing more

Advice to Candidates

if you don't want a family or don't care for the one you have, this is a great place to work.

if you want to workyouself into a medical condtion, this is a great place to work

five years ago i would told you that working for KPMG was one of the best expirences of my life, today i'd tell you it's more depressing than binge watching the handmaids tale

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