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“The opportunity to innovate.”

“The challenging and novel client problems.”

“The people. They come from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests...”


“Lack of formal training and resources.”

“Maturing infrastructure.”

“Lack of structure, [you must] do a lot on your own.”

About Keystone Strategy

Keystone Strategy is an economics and strategy consulting firm with locations in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and the Seattle area. Its presence in these four tech hubs gives the firm its edge with tech clients as well as Fortune 500 companies facing complex and often not-yet-solved business challenges.

Tech Experts

Keystone has a wide variety of expertise at its disposal, including economics, digital transformation, operations, tax transfer, data platform management, and expert witness consulting. The firm has worked with myriad blue-chip clients, including Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Verizon, as well as global law firms and consumer products companies. Among some of its more prominent of these brands, Keystone has worked with Coca-Cola, YETI, Marriott and X Box. The firm deepened its expertise in the world of pharmaceuticals, advising Pfizer on important aspects of the drug development process and Roche on Go To Market Strategies.

Keystone thrives on developing new strategies for growth clients with work in areas such as competition, new product development and innovation, marketing analytics, organizational structure and performance management. The firm also has experience developing custom-designed data analysis tools, provisioning expert testimony on IP disputes and compliance matters, and consulting on pre-trial discovery and damage calculations, particularly for antitrust and IP matters.

Call the Professors

As a boutique firm, Keystone embraces those with an entrepreneurial spirit—to that end, its culture rewards smart risk-taking, insight, and structured thinking. Keeping the team at the small, boutique level encourages this culture and Keystone’s nimble business model. The firm also employs the know-how from various experts from top universities, like Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, when assisting their clients. The diverse perspective of these professionals and professors introduces a new dimension to what Keystone can do for the companies it works with.

The firm prides itself on its ability to nurture a culture that encourages strategic risk-taking, structured, critical thought processes, and the delivery of genuine insights. A universal passion for excellence across practices guides Keystone professionals in every client engagement, and the sense of stewardship that everybody has over their culture helps to define the trajectory of the firm as a whole.

In the News

January 2019

HBR Article:  Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t

Harvard Business School Professor and Keystone Chairman Marco Iansiti co-wrote this article to examine why do some platform businesses—such as Alibaba, Facebook, and Airbnb—flourish, while Uber, Didi, and Meituan, among others, hemorrhage cash?  What enables digital platforms to fight off competition and grow profits?   Dig deeper the author’s suggest, as you need to understand the networks a platform is embedded in.

November 2018

Ex-Enforcers Say Existing Law Can protect Nascent Competition, Global Competition Review

As technology giants acquire companies that could challenge their dominance, former senior officials at the U.S. antitrust agencies insist safeguards are in place while academics and other antitrust experts have taken on a more skeptical view on the analytical framework

June 2019

Keystone Strategy: Bridging Business, Econ0mics, and Technology, Ivy Exec

Learn why this frm’s talented, multi-disciplinary staf and netrowk of experts give Keystone its cutting edge.

May 2018

How to Navigate the Challenges of the New Legal Tech Disputes,

As the technology industry booms, so do the legal battles that surround, shape and support it, Learn about Keystone’s work across this complex landscape.

March 2018

Popular Electronics:  AI Technology Provides New Assets to Patent Process

Recently, researchers applied a subset of artificial intelligence to the legal arena and achieved some remarkable results that can be used to unmask and prove commercial/industrial theft with reasonable certainty. Hear from Keystone on why this endeavor is discovering bold new ways to develop existing technology and apply it in previously unexplored areas.

Oct 2018

Keystone Enables Machine Learning Application to Tackle Trademark Issues, PR Web

Keystone debuts a novel technology to measure trademark infringement by analyzing millions of images in seconds.

Keystone Strategy

150 Spear Street
Floor 17
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 3 (877) 419-2623

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Chairman and Co-Founder: Marco Iansiti
CEO and Co-Founder: Greg Richards
2019 Employees (All Locations): 90

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

Major Departments & Practices

Key Groups include:

Global Strategy Practice

Economic and Industry Analysis

Digital Technology Group


Key Practice Areas include:




Business Ecosystems

Corporate Strategy


Growth Strategy

Risk Strategy

Information Strategy

Digital Transformation

Hyperscale Operations.

Technology platforms

Digital Competition

Financial economics

Intellectual Property

Marketing Strategy & Analytics

Performance Management

Tax Transfer Pricing

Technology Valuation