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"People are friendly, competent and genuinely willing to help me to learn/understand no matter the circumstance."

"Great culture, expertise and list of clients."

"The topics are highly interesting."


"The prestige of the brand name could be higher."

"Green initiatives are lacking."

"There is room for more collaborative working."

The Buzz

"Retail very strong."

"Tier 2."

"We have seen good people there."


About Javelin Group

Founded in 1997, Javelin Group's focus is narrow, but deep: the firm claims to be Europe's leading specialist retail strategy consulting outfit, as well as its largest. Operating out of just two offices—in London and Paris—the firm's client list would certainly seem to lend credence to both of those claims: past and present clients have included almost every major UK supermarket brand (Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco included), as well as UK department store chains such as Debenhams, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer—and even Harrods. On the continent, meanwhile, that list includes Netherlands-based Ahold, Germany's Karstadt, Danish retailer Magasin. 

The firm also offers its advice to clients in a number of other retail spheres. Those industries, and a sampling of clients, are as follows: Fashion (Chanel, Puma);  Electrical/mobile/entertainment (Samsung, T-Mobile);  Home/furniture/DIY (B&Q, Brico); Specialist retailers (Boots, Europcar, Molton Brown), Online/mail order (ebay, Net-A-Porter); B2B (Bobcat, Elsevier, Pitney Bowes); Consumer service (Avis, BBC, Trinity Mirror plc); Food service (Byron, Krispy Kreme, McDonalds); and Brands (Citroen, Nike, Vitamix). 

Challenges accepted

The firm's 200 consultants address retail as a strategic issue for clients. Accordingly, it helps clients to do everything from make quick fixes to think about where their businesses will be in the medium- to long-term future, and to plan and implement retail strategies for each of those needs. That includes thinking about issues including technology, supply chain, ecommerce, digital transformation, and more. 

Javelin Group is led by its founder, Tony Stockil. A graduate of Harvard Business School, where he gained his MBA, Stockil's background is in corporate strategy and retail. Co-founder and COO Richard Wolff runs the firm's Retail Strategy practice. Wolff gained his MBA at Manchester Business School.

Javelin Group

200 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4HD
Phone: +44 20 7961 3200

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Employer Type: Private
Tony Stockil: CEO

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