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“ISG has excellent client results and a familial culture”
Entry-level in ManagementAtlanta, GA2019VERIFIED EMPLOYEE

The familial culture, work/life balance and our smart travel model, ample training opportunities, strong analytical training


Diversity and inclusion best practices are not fully utilized (although this may change in 2019) and we need more women and minorities in leadership

Advice to Candidates

While we may not have name brand recognition, ISG services many big clients and delivers excellent results

The people at ISG make up a very unique and valuable culture. People are genuinely invested in one another's personal and professional lives.

ISG's smart-travel model means less typical consulting perks such as travel points, but much stronger office culture and work/life balance.

Because ISG is a small firm, even entry-level employees are given a lot of responsibility and are expected to contribute to the firm through both client work and internal initiatives

Projects at ISG have tangible, measurable results given that we focus on sourcing and procurement

ISG frequently seeks feedback from its employees and acts based on feedback

ISG does not have many women and minorities in leadership - however they are working to incorporate diversity as a strategic priority

Hours are very reasonable at ISG, especially compared to other consulting firms

ISG hires people for the long-term. If you are offered a job at the firm, that means that the President and CEO both feel that you could be a leader within the firm one day.

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