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At a Glance


“Focus on innovation, strategy, new growth.”

“Interesting clients, great culture, lots of growth opportunities.”

“Smart, thoughtful, curious colleagues.”


“Growing pains.”

“Occasionally intense travel.”

“Sometimes it's hard to see the impact of our work.”

The Buzz

“Interesting strategy work; extremely small team.”

“Seems fun and exciting to work with.”

“Good for innovation.”

About Innosight

Innosight is a strategy and innovation consultancy co-founded by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. The firm is headquartered in Lexington, MA, with offices in Singapore, Lausanne, and Switzerland. Innosight was acquired by Huron Consulting Group in 2017 and continues to work with clients across a variety of industries to create growth strategies, develop innovation capabilities, and build new businesses.

Focusing exclusively on disruptive innovation, Innosight goes beyond traditional analytic consulting. The firm utilizes methodologies rooted in Christensen’s renowned academic work—particularly his classic book, The Innovator’s Dilemma—to anticipate “the needs of tomorrow’s customers” and identify opportunities for client organizations to meet those needs.

Navigating Disruptive Innovation

Phrases like “disruption” or “innovation” might sound like buzzwords to most, but for Innosight—and a roster of past clients that include Aetna, Ford, Turner, and P&G—these are core value propositions. As the firm’s website states, Innosight “empower[s] forward-thinking organizations to navigate disruptive changes and own the future.” The question that then raises for any prospective employee or client partner is: “how?”

Innovative new companies have disrupted their respective industries. Incumbent leaders of retail, advertising, media, and technology know that they must invest heavily in innovation to remain competitive. Innosight helps companies identify strategic threats and create new opportunities for growth that position them to thrive in uncertain markets.

Innosight strives to make disruptive innovation a manageable, repeatable process by generating new ideas that connect unmet customer needs with new business models, products, and services. It brings these innovations to market quickly, giving clients a competitive advantage and enabling them to feedback in real-time rapidly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, Innosight helps clients evaluate opportunities coming down the pipeline so they can develop those with the strongest potential. 

A “Future Back” Approach

Innosight considers one of its primary differentiators to be a particular worldview that it brings to every client engagement. Innovative strategy requires a “future back” approach: an understanding of disruptive trends and the implications they have for a client’s business.

Rather than solely improving upon what’s already been done, Innosight disrupts business models to identify opportunities for growth as they present themselves. A future back approach considers the value of data that’s already been collected while also understanding that clients must look ahead—to solutions that don’t even exist yet—to avoid the pitfalls of other companies that fall victim to disruptive changes.


92 Hayden Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421
Phone: (781) 652-7200

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Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner: Patrick Viguerie

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Lexington, MA (HQ)

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Create growth strategies

Build innovation capabilities

Accelerate new growth initiatives