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“Culture, technology.”

“New technology to embrace new challenges every day.”

“Work culture.”


“No developed streamlined processes.”

About Incapsulate Asia

Since 2008, Incapsulate has helped client organizations achieve digital transformations to meet and exceed their ambitious goals. The firm works with a range of organizations across the public and private sectors, from municipal and federal agencies to corporate clients. The firm's self-stated mission, according to their website, is to "transform how customers engage with the businesses and governments that serve them and expedite a better quality of work performed and services delivered."

Living and Breathing "Agile"

Incapsulate has offices in North America and Asia. Its consultants are a diverse team of passionate analysts and strategists who bring deep technological and subject matter expertise to every client engagement. The team is well-versed in emerging software solutions, and the firm prides itself on remaining perpetually "agile", operating nimbly and precisely to deliver results without many of the bureaucratic hindrances and red tape that can become a part of working with larger firms. 

Trusted Advisors to Communities and Corporations

For its public sector clients, Incapsulate provides a range of services, empowering governments to meet the needs of their constituents through 311 services, Salesforce solutions, performance analytics, mobile development, and management consulting. In the private sector, Incapsulate helps corporations accelerate digital transformations, providing insights and tools to help companies improve productivity and performance as they respond to customers' needs. 

Incapsulate Asia

902, Brooklyn Tower, Near YMCA Club, SG Highway,
Makarba Road, Makarba, Ahmedabad
Gujarat 380015
Phone: 888.589.2571

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Partner and CEO: Ajay Batish

Major Departments & Practices

311 Services
Salesforce Solutions
Performance Analytics
Mobile Development
Management Consulting