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About Greenwich Associates

Purveyors of financial intelligence

Keeping it small … sort of
Charley Ellis founded Greenwich Associates in 1972.  The firm’s mission: to offer high-quality proprietary research and consulting advice to senior-level clients in major financial enterprises.  The firm's initial offerings were in personal trust services, large corporate pensions and large corporate banking—and only in the United States.  Eventually, its business expanded to include a wide range of clients in the financial sector, including stockbrokerage, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives and investment banking markets around the globe.  The range of services offered has also expanded over the years to include global programs, custom research, online tools and services, as well as specialized analytical services.  Today, although Greenwich Associates has tried to stay small and close-knit, it has expanded to include offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Canada, which service more than 250 clients around the world.

Thousands of sidekicks
Greenwich Associates doesn’t believe in outsourcing its research.  In addition to its internal staff, the firm touts its thousands of research partners, who are professionals at large corporations, plan sponsors and buy-side institutions.  The firm interviews and tracks research partners in dozens of countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  In return for their help, research partners receive the intelligence that the firm acquires and creates from its surveys and analyses.  This intelligence is produced in the form of white papers and other research on institutional finance, covering areas such as ratings and rankings of financial services providers, market trends and best practices, and peer compensation information.

In equities and fixed income, the firm tracks over 5,000 investors from 70 countries.  In the insurance field, the firm conducts 35,000 interviews with risk managers, CFOs, treasurers, legal counsel and other professionals working in insurance and risk management.  Within investment management, nearly 3,000 U.S., Canadian and European pension funds, foundations, endowments and other institutional funds are interviewed, in addition to 75 consultants in 18 countries.  Middle-market and small business-market studies are run continuously, and cover interviews with nearly 25,000 U.S. companies (small business being defined as annual sales of $1 to $10 million, and middle market as annual sales of $10 to $500 million).  The activities of more than 5,000 senior corporate finance and treasury professionals from 70 nations are interviewed to provide the best corporate finance and treasury research.


Cutters are for cookies
Greenwich Associates makes a point of emphasizing the customizable nature of its research.  With custom research, the firm attempts to “collect, monitor and act upon client data at close to a real-time basis.† It claims that its custom research finds the answers to four fundamental questions.  First, how are the client’s customer needs changing?  Second, how is the client doing relative to its competitors?  Third, if the client is not performing to expectations or potential, why not?  And finally, what does the client have to do to reach its potential?  Some areas in which the firm can perform custom research are strategy formulation, strategy measurement, market trends and customer behavior, and competitive position.

Thinking big picture
For bigger-scale research requests, Greenwich Associates offers large-scale market research in both the consumer and institutional markets via its wholly owned subsidiary, CCL, based in Toronto.  CCL’s research is primarily focused on providing business-line and marketing professionals with insights into customer satisfaction, market benchmarks, customer behavior and awareness, and product and service trends.  Interviewers conduct more than 600,000 interviews per year in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, via five call centers and from over 300 computer-assisted telephone interviewing stations.  And, of course, each CCL report can be customized to meet a particular client’s needs.


Greenwich Associates

6 High Ridge Park
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Phone: (203) 629-1200

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Employer Type: Private
Senior Managing Director: Steven Busby
2010 Employees (All Locations): 200

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