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At Eagle Hill, we believe that individuals from diverse backgrounds and unconventional career paths enhance both our community of consultants and our client relationships. How does Eagle Hill break away from the expected? Take a look below at what our people say.


Rey Perrin

What “Breaking away from the expected” means to me: Breaking away from the expected means going above and beyond for our clients by not only delivering what was asked for today, but also setting them up for success tomorrow.

Eddie Brack

The qualities that make me an “unconventional consultant”: I’ve amassed experiences in healthcare, I’ve taught, I’ve done music – and I bring all of those experiences to the table when solutioning for my clients.

Gaby Hess

The qualities that make me an “unconventional consultant”: I spent the early part of my career in Corporate America and then spent some time in Higher Education. Being able to adapt in different settings, and my ability to build relationships with clients is something I’ve always carried with me. Those two qualities, along with my natural curiosity make me unconventional.

Neville Uhles

The qualities that make me an “unconventional consultant”: My ability to really listen, love for different points of view, and readiness to laugh.

Alex May

The qualities that make me an “unconventional consultant”: I try to learn something new every day, and the next day I try to apply it to a deliverable, client interaction, or internal initiative. Repeating the same thing just for the sake of routine or comfort prevents us from meeting our potential, both as colleagues and as a firm.


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