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Team member spotlight

At Eagle Hill, we believe that individuals from diverse backgrounds and unconventional career paths enhance both our community of consultants and our client relationships. To get an idea of how we’re different from other firms, meet a few of our team members.

Malini, Manager

Malini Silva

“My background as a teacher helped shape my ability to communicate information clearly and effectively to a wide variety of audiences. Similar to teaching, in consulting you have to constantly be open to modifying your direction in order to meet clients’ changing needs.

My primary role at Eagle Hill is leading a small team at TSA. I am also passionate about making Eagle Hill a great place to work for new hires, and my part in that is leading our Employee Onboarding Core Team. What I think really sets us apart is that here, your career path can be more fluid. The company’s methodology is less prescriptive than at large traditional firms.”

Matt, Director

Matt Treadgold

“My professional experience spans the non-profit, for-profit, and federal government spaces. I started my career in consulting, had a detour working for the state department and at a think tank, and then returned to consulting at Eagle Hill. Bringing all those different perspectives together, and the skills that I’ve gained, benefits the work that I do with our clients and the solutions I help them build.

Our clients are looking to us for a different way of doing business and a different way of working together to solve problems. With Eagle Hill supporting all of us, being innovative and creative, and drawing on our past experiences, we are able to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.”

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