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At a Glance


Challenging work, great colleagues/culture and international experience.”

Deep industry understanding and high professionalism.”

International exposure and learning opportunities in the TMT sector.”


“Intensity of traveling.”

“Not as big a name as competitors in other parts of the world.”

“Smaller size requires taking care of multiple things personally that would be done by others automatically.”

About Delta Partners Group

Founded in Dubai in 2006, Delta Partners is an advisory and investment firm specialized in the tech, media and telecoms (TMT) industry. Its multi-disciplinary advisory services bring together strategic, technical, financial and operational advice combined with execution support to our clients globally. Investment services include private equity and also extend to direct investments into TMT companies, while leveraging the unique synergies from its integrated business model. Delta Partners has a global reach with offices in key hubs in New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore and Johannesburg.

In the News

Embracing a Culture of Transformation at Delta Partners

For CEO Victor Font, having a specialized and innate understanding of the TMT sector is the key to ensuring success for Delta Partners and their clients.

“We’re very much focused on driving, being a part of, and making contributions to the transformational agendas of the clients we serve,” he says. “We are so focused on the TMT industry. We recognize it’s in the middle of a globally recognized transformation, and we very much want to specialize in topics that help our clients transform their businesses and drive shareholder value.”

Font says he sees how the sector has changed the world and appreciates the influence of technology on a company’s overall success. The magnitude of this impact pushes him to do better—for himself and his clients.

To improve, Font consistently has to reinvent the way he conducts business. “You know, we are a boutique that competes with huge organizations,” he says. “Being a boutique organization—while it gives us a lot of advantages because we’re nimble and flexible, and we manage the business in an integrated manner—it does pose some limitations in terms of how the industry is evolving. So ensuring that we can remain competitive and stay ahead on topics we believe are transformational is what keeps me up at night.”

Delta Partners Group

Media One, Level 29
P.O. Box 502428
Dubai Media City

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Chairman: Boris Nemsic
President & CEO: Victor Font
2019 Employees (All Locations): 200

Major Office Locations

Dubai (HQ)
New York
San Francisco

Major Departments & Practices

Management Consulting

Corporate Finance and Investment

Fund Management