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“Women paid significantly less than men”

Clients. Creative teams. Trend is improving around work-life balance. Good retirement benefits, healthcare, perks.


For 4 years at the firm (2011-2014) I made the highest possible performance ratings (I worked my butt off). Then I found out that despite my performance, I was being paid 25% less than men doing the same work. Men whom I was compared to for performance evaluations. Deloitte has a seriously biased compensation system and all the “pay for performance” talk is just that... all talk. The evaluation process and criteria for salary decisions is deliberately opaque. Women need to step forward and challenge the status quo.

Advice to Candidates

If you are female, do not let recruiters ask you about prior salary or even salary expectations! Say that you want to be paid what the job is worth, if you meet the qualifications to be hired.

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