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At a Glance


“Broad exposure across the life sciences and exceptional training”

“Extremely fast growth”

“Strong leadership”


“Lack of international opportunities”

“Less locations than other firms”

“Unpredictability of hours”

The Buzz

"Boutique with a laser focus.  Great in early product dev."

"Has some name recognition in the pharma space."

"Rapidly growing. Pharma focused."

About ClearView Healthcare Partners

ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences strategy field. The company has enjoyed exponential growth since its founding in 2007, providing advice and insights across four main areas of focus: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. The firm is now well-established, with a steady list of clients and constant demand for its services.

The firm’s core strength is the specificity of its field: the needs of life sciences companies are unique and can't be served by just any consultant. These complex questions require people who understand the medical and scientific issues involved and their intersection with the business world. The founders recognized a gap in the market and decided to found ClearView based on their deep experience and expertise in the field.

Trusted partners to the life sciences industry

ClearView's clients include a broad range of operating companies in the life sciences, from medical device and pharmaceutical companies to investors in the life sciences fields. Collectively, ClearView leads over 300 projects a year, providing advice and actionable recommendations to professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic fields. The company prefers to partner with clients for long-term relationships, which has contributed to significant year over year growth.

That strategy is at the heart of ClearView's overriding goal with any client: to devise "actionable strategic insight"-usually for driving growth. The company draws from its teams' business, life sciences, and content expertise to advise client decision-makers, like Senior Executives (e.g., CEO, CBO, CMO), New Product Planning (NPP) teams, Pricing and Market Access (P&MA) teams, and Strategic Marketing departments.

A clear vision

ClearView assembles its consulting teams with a mix of business, technical, and clinical skills in mind. But background isn't everything-new employees are hired as much for their communication and problem solving skills as they are for their field experience.

In addition to the smarts of staff members, ClearView also draws from a network of physicians, insurance providers, regulatory experts, patient advocacy, and other experts for feedback on ideas-and when necessary, reality checks. The company prides itself on providing clients not just inventive solutions, but practical ones-strategies that won't fall apart in the face of clinical and commercial realities.

Committed to professional development

ClearView emphasizes professional development and leadership training as part of their offering to all employees. New hires experience a case-based program that provides every employee with the foundational skills to succeed in the business environment. Long-term training provides the staff with opportunities to increase professional presence and poise, preparing individuals for success within and beyond ClearView. An internal seminar series allows for individuals to learn about broader healthcare topics in a collaborative and engaging fashion. Mentorship is emphasized from top to bottom, and consequently an open environment to discuss feedback has been created. This focus on professional development has created an opportunity for entry-level staff to develop the necessary skills to advance within the organization, and has generated a strong sense of a ClearView community.

Furthering that commitment, the firm also offers an opportunity for advanced degree candidates in the life sciences to get an in-depth look at the life of a strategy consultant in the field. The program, Connect to ClearView, offers candidates a three-day immersion program during which experienced ClearViewers lead students through an engagement. To qualify for the program, candidates must be aiming to complete an advanced degree (PhD, Postdoc, MD, or MBA) and be seriously considering life sciences consulting as a career option.

ClearView Healthcare Partners

One Newton Place
275 Washington Street, Suite 405
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: (617) 340-2380


Employer Type: Private
Co-founders: Richard M. Mynahan, Jr., Kevin P. Richard, Steven Chao
2017 Employees (All Locations): 130

Major Office Locations

Newton, MA (HQ)
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA

Major Departments & Practices

Corporate growth strategy
Licensing and acquisition support
Company screening and diligence
Therapeutic area growth strategy
Mechanism and pipeline prioritization
Portfolio management
Indication/disease assessment
Asset due diligence
Launch strategy
Product development strategy
Brand marketing strategy
Life cycle management strategy
Pricing and reimbursement strategy
Market-specific entry strategy