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“Strategy Lab and Great People, a career accelerator”

Diverse clients, markets, and lots of global work. Worked four years there with some SHARP people -- great talent. Consulting and PE work side-by-side. It's more of a lab of corporate development than just a consulting firm.


Long hours. Asia shift was late night. A willingness to try new things led to a few hires that shouldn't have been taken in the first place.

Advice to Candidates

Some unique and thought provoking consulting projects, an idea lab when with the right team. I did some PE work later and some small M&A gigs. Saw global clients and then some small clients. Show the interviewers you like diverse projects. It's a Hands on job, overachievers, and a collaborative management team. Tell what leadership roles you've taken on proactively. They aren't afraid to try new things and the place can be very good for new managers to develop, it's a meritocracy. Very flat org structure. Management is very bottom up and senior partners are focused on getting everyone to take ownership and lead. Show them you are proactive.

It's easy to get a job here, but, then you have to really prove yourself to clients and your peers. They intentionally hire and give a chance to many people who during the trial period later didn't cut it. This caused turnover, but it also led to a few shining people who I saw become great team leaders that wouldn't have made the typical consulting hiring process.

The vault description I read is really old. It's products have evolved a lot since whenever this was written.

Overall my career was years ahead because of the hands on experience I got here first as an analyst but more so later as a pm.

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