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“A lot of projects that focus on cutting-edge technology.”

“Great opportunities and colleagues.”

“The learning opportunities.”


“Brand recognition / prestige when compared with MBB.”

“Demanding working hours, multiple projects working at the same time.”

“The depth of work.”

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“Long history.”

“Strong focus on technology.”

“Experienced talent in the auto industry.”

About Arthur D. Little Asia


Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. The firm helps clients navigate changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities; in so doing, it supports clients in building innovation capabilities and transforming their organization.


Founded in Boston in 1886, Arthur D. Little lays claim to the dual titles of first and oldest management consulting firm in the world. The pioneering spirit of the founder who lent the firm its name is the stuff of legend--and the firm he founded is still going strong, even after completing a journey that has seen it go from private entity to public corporation, and back to private following a 2011 management buyout by the partners. 

Consultants operate in Europe, Asia and the Americas, offering tailored services to clients in in a range of industries across three main functional practice areas. Consultants operate across a matrix structure of functional practices and industry practices which provide opportunities to work on a range of industries and functional areas.  

Industry Practice Areas

  • AMG (Automotive and Manufacturing
  • CHEM (Chemical)
  • ENUT (Energy and Utilities)
  • HC (Health Care)
  • TIME (Telecom, Information, Media, Electronics)
  • T&T (Travel and Transportation)

Functional Practice Areas

  • Strategy & Organization
  • Technology & Innovation Management
  • Operations Management

Today, Arthur D. Little is an established consultancy with a lot of brand equity in most markets it operates in. The firm has further developed its reach by opening new offices, and has a clear positioning revolving around Strategy, Innovation, and Transformation; this translates into 3 key themes: Anticipate (understanding future trends and changes in
ecosystems), Innovate (building innovation capabilities, creative solutions & evolve business models), and Transform (shape and reshape ecosystems and your company continuously).

In Asia

In Asia, ADL operates in Japan, China, Korea, India and South East Asia which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.


The Japanese office supports a wide range of industries, including automotive/mobility, electronics, IT, chemicals, energy as well as the food and healthcare industries. It has focused on business growth strategy, technology management, and organization development.  It also works as our global hub for global collaboration between many offices.

The Tokyo office has been so growing every year since 2006, except during the economic downturn, transforming from a boutique sized firm into a mid-size one. One of the biggest reasons behind this growth is the demand from our industries, as well as society at large, to innovate in the face of the dramatic paradigm shifts now underway. In addition, by leveraging that network, not only in the manufacturing industry, but also in government and investment funds, ADL has been able to support building new innovation ecosystem with clients’ needs.

ADL Tokyo has positioned itself as a unique, powerful, and exciting firm with innovative insight ahead of the times that enables ADL to offer support to fit the needs of the times.  The Tokyo office appears to have focused on attracting highly talented people who are interested in “innovation,” not only in technology, but also in business models and industry structural changes.


ADL started its operations in Greater China back in 1985 with its Hong Kong office. Arthur D. Little is now also present in Shanghai and Beijing and is supporting Foreign and Local clients in a number of sectors including Automotive, Energy, Financial services, FMCG and Entertainment.  Recently, the China team supported an Asian Financial group to develop its leasing China market entry strategy and was involved in the acquisition target identification and due diligence. China office also helped a Foreign Automotive OEM to assess the opportunity to launch a New Energy Vehicle for the China market. The China team also supported a Hong-Kong based Entertainment player on how to leverage digital technology to enhance the customer experience of their client.


Arthur D. Little's Korean experience began in 1967 when it first began providing the consulting and advisory work for the Korean government's second "national 5-year economic development plan", which began Korea's strategic investment in heavy industries.  Arthur D. Little conducted feasibility studies for the government's petrochemical and machinery industry policies.

The Seoul office was opened in 1994 - since then ADL Korea has gained a market reputation for offering management strategy with strong focus on implementation. During the IMF bail-out period, ADL Korea successfully managed three of the five national restructuring projects (Big Deals) and in 2001, ADL devised the 3-G mobile telecom (IMT-2000) strategy for the largest Korean telecom operator. ADL Korea has a strong proven track record of management consulting service for a number of leading companies at various major industries, including energy, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and finance.  ADL Korea was listed as "one of the four powerhouses in advisory business" along with Goldman Sachs (Investment banking), Kim & Chang (Legal), PwC (Accounting), when ADL provided consulting support on the $5 billion acquisition deal for Hyundai Motors Group.


Arthur D. Little has worked with clients in India since 1947, when independent India’s first cabinet, invited ADL consultants to help define roles for key government agencies. With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Lucknow, ADL India serves a wide variety of Indian and multinational companies with a strong public sector involvement in a range of industries (Automotive, Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals/Health Care, Financial Services, etc.). Typical assignments range from formulating "blue sky" strategy, to defining growth opportunities, to improving operational performance, to asset due diligence, and investor outreach. Recent deliverables include helping a client design an "intelligent" building, supporting the design and launch of a market-specific cost-efficient motorcycle, helping build "big data" analytics capabilities to underpin the growth aspirations, devising a smart meter and energy as a service strategy for a utility client, and advanced analytics to improve persistence for an insurance player. ADL India is currently working with the largest public-school system in India, providing transaction advisory services to several buy side and sell side deals in healthcare, technology, and is also in dialogue with central and several state governments on economic development topics.

In 2020, ADL India released a flagship report, “India: Surmounting the economic challenges of COVID-19” which presented a 10-point programme to revive and power India’s post COVID-19 economy. The report gained coverage from 40+ publications on various platforms- national and regional print media as well as online editions. ADL India along with CII prepared a Supply chain Vision 2030 report to make India’s supply chain globally competitive. This report was released by the Special secretary (logistics), Government of India. ADL India also convened the International Ayurveda Alliance to convene industry and government players to reimagine the ancient Indian medical discipline of Ayurveda for the 21st century.

South East Asia

ADL has been in South East Asia for more than 35 years with Singapore as its regional hub and offices in Malaysia and Thailand.  ADL’s commitment in South East Asia is supported by its recent office opening in Indonesia.  With its significant growth in business, ADL South East Asia aims to further expand its operation into Philippines and Vietnam.

ADL South East Asia supports clients - local and multi-national companies operating in the region - from various industries including manufacturing, energy & utilities, telecoms, and consumer goods The project themes are diverse but focused on Corporate strategies, Market entry strategies, M&A and operational improvements.  Recently, there has been additional focus on cross-industrial themes such as sustainability and digital transformation.

Inline with the regional characteristic, ADL South East Asia has a diversified background with members from more than 10 countries, understanding the unique dynamic and specific needs of its clients.

COVID-19 Update

During Covid-19 Arthur D. Little has rapidly deployed remote working policies for consulting staff to allow us to continue to deliver projects for our clients. We have also invested extensively in advanced modelling for our clients to allow them to understand the likely evolution of the crisis and forecasting the recovery phase.

To support staff in this difficult period we have launched a number of local initiatives to connect our staff and allow them to share concerns and maintain a healthy sense of community.

A number of seniors have also made efforts to engage staff on mental health concerns, particularly those experiencing difficult lock down impacts.

We had already been using online interviews for candidates that were applying from remote locations. We are currently using video-conferencing for most project work and also for any recruitment for internships and full time positions but we expect to return to having “in the flesh” interviews in the second half of the year.

Summer internship policies will vary from market to market as the Covid situation is extremely localised. Current recruitment is likely to take longer than usual as we monitor the economic situation and expected workload in the second half of the year.


In the News

Financial Times – Musk and Tesla shock Panasonic investors with battery ambitions

Tesla’s planned shift to in-house production of electric vehicle batteries has caused investors to question the carmaker’s partnership with long-time supplier Panasonic.

The shift is fuelled by Tesla chief executive Elon Musk’s push for a new $25,000 vehicle, plans for which he also unveiled on September 22 during a “drive-in” presentation in front of the company’s factory in California. Priced at much less than Tesla’s current cheapest offering — its Model 3, which starts at about $35,000 — the new vehicle will hit the market three years down the road, according to Mr Musk.

A sticker price of $25,000 “would maintain competitive advantage even absent of subsidies”, said Hiroto Suzuki, the Arthur D. Little partner who heads the global Automotive Practice.

The Economist – How managers have coped with the pandemic

Businesses have faced their sternest test in the past few months, dealing with a pandemic that few will have anticipated. Arthur D. Little surveyed 25 chairmen and chief executives of telecoms, transport and utilities firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Italy, three of the earliest places to be affected by the virus. They were asked to reflect on how the reality of this crisis differed from their expectations—and from their disaster recovery plans.

Four surprises stood out. First, the difficulty of finding reliable information. The second was the speed at which the crisis unfolded. Third, firms did not foresee a disruption that would simultaneously hit their entire “ecosystem” of suppliers and business partners. The final shock was uncertainty about what comes next.

Karim Taga, one of the report's authors, observes that Asian companies were generally better prepared, having experienced the SARS epidemic of 2002-03.

ADL Japan Growth

Japan / SEA office increasingly represented in ADL’s  global management team. Yusuke Harada (Managing Partner of Japan/SEA) was reappointed as global board member and Maki Kurosawa was reappointed to ADL’s as global audit committee.  Hiroto Suzuki was appointed as new Global Practice Leader for Automotive & Manufacturing in order to accelerate our global growth of this practice.

ADL Japan and/SEA are have expanded their leadership team with additional partners in  automotive and  Healthcare in 2020.

The Economic Times May 17 2020  - COVID-19 could cost 135 million jobs, push 120 million people into poverty in India

Following the COVID-19-induced economic disruptions, up to 135 million jobs could be lost and 120 million people might be pushed back into poverty in India, all of which will have a hit on consumer income, spending and savings, says a report. According to a new report by international management consulting firm Arthur D Little, the worst of COVID-19's impact will be felt by India's most vulnerable in terms of job loss, poverty increase and reduced per-capita income, which in turn will result in a steep decline in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

"Given the continued rise of COVID-19 cases, we believe that a W-shaped recovery is the most likely scenario for India. This implies a GDP contraction of 10.8 per cent in FY 2020-21 and GDP growth of 0.8 per cent in FY 2021-22," the report said.

India's COVID-19 tally has crossed 90,000 and the nationwide death toll has touched nearly 2,800 so far.

The report titled "India: Surmounting the economic challenges posed by COVID-19: A 10-point programme to revive and power India's post-COVID economy" said the 'collateral damage' of the forecasted GDP slowdown, will be felt most acutely in employment, poverty alleviation, per-capita income and overall nominal GDP.

The Hindu Dec 18 2020 - India needs to reduce logistics cost to improve competitiveness
India’s supply chain and logistics sector, one of the largest globally and worth $215 billion growing at a CAGR of 10.5 per cent, faces several barriers to growth despite its criticality to the economy. An unbalanced logistics modal mix, high indirect costs, fragmented infrastructure and networks, and limited technology adoption has been hampering the sector’s growth.

To bridge the current competitiveness gap of $180 billion, India needs to reduce logistics cost from 14 per cent of GDP to 7 per cent, said Barnik Chitran Maitra, Managing Partner of the management consultancy firm Arthur D Little India and South Asia and lead author of a report ‘Reimagining India’s supply chain: A bold vision for 2030’. The report by the firm and the Confederation of India Industry highlights the need for immediate attention given the high logistics cost of 14 per cent of GDP in India compared to 8-10 per cent of GDP in the US and Europe.

The report brings to light these issues, sets a bold Vision 2030 and lays the roadmap for ensuring global competitiveness of India’s supply chain. It was released by Pawan Kumar Agarwal, Special Secretary (Logistics), Government of India, at the CII National Packaging Conference on Friday.

June 2020 - Arthur D. Little acquires Cutter Consortium and Presans to expand open consulting capabilities

Arthur D. Little has announced the acquisitions of Cutter Consortium, a business technology research company based in the US, and Presans, a leading player in industrial open innovation based in France. By combining its own expertise with an existing community of independent experts, ADL is expanding its consulting ecosystem to establish a next-generation value proposition powered by open consulting and open problem solving.

Cutter Consortium helps organizations navigate digital disruption of business models and leverage emerging technologies for competitive advantage. Presans is a leading data-driven platform dedicated to industrial open innovation and problem-solving. The acquisition of Presans’ technological platform will also enable ADL to accelerate its investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop state-of-the-art offerings for its clients.

Ignacio García Alves, Chairman and CEO of Arthur D. Little, comments: “We believe the future is open consulting, offering access to experts, premium insight and a differentiated experience for our clients.”





Why Work Here

ADL – A Proud Tradition

Arthur D. Little (ADL) is a trusted corporate advisor in the field of strategy, technology and innovation. Our mission is to enable clients to realize their potential, seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

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