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Smaller firm means each consultant can make an impact


Industry experience is a must

About Abolon

The health care specialists

When it comes to helping Europe's leading health care companies improve performance and choose the right strategy, Abolon has definitely carved out its own niche.  The consulting specialist knows its subject well, and so do its consultants, all of whom have dual backgrounds in both management consulting and health care, where they have spent time as either executives with operative responsibility, board members in the health care industry, or as health care specialists in investment banking.  Abolon insists this gives it first-hand knowledge into the dynamics of the health care industry, enabling it to choose the right strategies to improve client operations and business.

A healthy list of services

From its headquarters in London and a second European office in Munich, Abolon helps international clients across four geographic areas: Japan, North America, emerging markets and Europe.  It offers services to a broad spectrum of the health care industry, encompassing such areas as over-the-counter medicines, prescription pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, animal health, health care service providers, and payors and providers.  The firm provides these sectors with services in the fields of corporate finance and M&A, finance and accounting, marketing and sales, operations, organization and strategy.

Ensuring on good deals

When it comes to M&A, the consultancy claims its health care experience enables it to spot the difference between a good opportunity and a bad one, helping clients avoid the pitfalls of diminished value as a result of a bad deal.  Abolon carries out due diligence on the target company, assessing the overall benefits and financial gains involved in such a merger.  The firm has made a name for itself by acting not only as a consultancy but as a transaction advisory, working with clients from beginning to end through the deal process, negotiation tactics and pricing.  The firm also helps with post-M&A integration.  Recently, following the acquisition of a mixed pharma/agro conglomerate by a US pharmaceutical company, Abolon successfully worked to assimilate therapeutic areas and research and development units for the two companies across three countries.

Bucking the trend


Despite the mapping of the human genome in 2003, the expected explosion of new drugs from pharmaceutical R&D departments never materialised.  In fact, there has even been a drop in the production of prescription pharmaceuticals.  Abolon tries to offset this trend by providing clients with better R&D strategies and focuses on new launches, with particular attention to sales force management and life cycle management.  It also advises clients on licensing transactions and regulatory issues specific to different regions.  Abolon also places huge emphasis on the benefits of customer-focused marketing and sales strategies, helping clients identify the specific wants and needs of their target market.  Working in conjunction with client executives, the consultancy analyses product and service offerings to see what marketing tools can be applied, and assesses pricing structures to identify areas where more revenue can be made for the client.

Man's best friends

In addition to people-focused health care, Abolon also advises on veterinary health care solutions.  Given the current profit margin pressure on the human side of things, the firm believes that this is an area that will receive increased attention in the near future as consolidation takes place between the two sectors.  Through its experience in both areas, Abolon is able to advise clients on suitable M&A and licensing transactions.


90 Long Acre
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9RZ
Phone: +44 (0)20 7849 3006

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Director: Dr Thimo L. Sommerfeld