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“Excellent Work Environment”

YCST genuinely respects work-life balance. The Partners consistently track hours to ensure even workload. This is so even though the firm works on high-profile cases both as lead counsel and as local counsel for the nation's top restructuring practice groups. The lawyers here are as competent as any you'll find in NYC or other major cities. The work is challenging and fulfilling, but not overwhelming

YCST's reputation for a friendly work environment is also accurate. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm made excellent efforts to keep the firm connected and assimilate new hires. As people trickle back into the office, employees get perks like free lunches and happy hours to help give us a break from the rigors of top-notch and fast-paced bankruptcy and corporate practice.

Overall, YCST is a great place to partake in big cases, get paid very well, and make connections, all while being able to enjoy life.


The pay is a bit below market, but that's not the worst thing in the world if living in Wilmington, Philadelphia, or surrounding areas in DE or PA. The cost of living is much lower than other major cities in the Northeast.

Advice to Candidates

YCST is very committed to bringing in lawyers from all walks of life, law schools, and backgrounds. No one should be discouraged in applying because they don't attend a T14 law school or were not on law review or anything of that nature. YCST really does look for people that can do the work but also add something to its collegial firm culture and will get along with clients and outside counsel.

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