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About Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Founded in 1927, Boston’s Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. has grown to be one of the preeminent intellectual property firms in the Northeast and has been a fundamental part of some of the most important IP decisions in history.

A History of IP Expertise

From its beginning, when patent attorney Ezekiel Wolf opened up shop in Prohibition-era Boston, Wolf Greenfield has attracted notable clients. In its first decades, clients included famed electrical engineer Andrew Alford and radio pioneer Reginald Fessenden. Now, Nobel Prize winners, Fortune 500 companies, high-tech startups, and major research universities rely on the firm to protect and enforce their IP rights.

Wolf Greenfield’s reputation in IP law carries historical weight. In 1961, the firm successfully argued Aro Manufacturing Co. v. Convertible Top, now known as the seminal Supreme Court case covering the doctrine of permissible repair. A few decades later, in the much different technological era of 1998, the firm’s lawyers crafted the winning argument in the landmark State Street case, which set the stage for software patents and the patentability of business methods. More recently, the firm won the second longest patent interference proceeding in USPTO history and the largest jury verdict in a trade secret case in Massachusetts history.

The firm represents clients large and small in patent litigation in district courts around the country and on appeal before the Federal Circuit. In addition, the firm’s lawyers are frequently called upon to represent technology companies in high-stakes patent litigation before the International Trade Commission, where Wolf Greenfield has an outstanding track record of success. The firm has achieved successes such as summary judgment of patent invalidity in the Eastern District of Texas (known as a difficult district in which to secure such summary judgments) and groundbreaking rulings on novel issues such as the proper claim construction for mouse nomenclature in patent claims covering transgenic mice. The firm also has a long and successful history in post-grant matters before the Patent Office and is regularly engaged by clients when the stakes are high.


Why Work Here

A proud tradition of excellence in IP

For over 80 years, Wolf Greenfield has offered its clients a level of expertise matched by few other firms. Like the inventors and innovators we serve, we have backgrounds as engineers, scientists, and specialists in fields as diverse as biotechnology, computer science, mechanical engineering, and countless other areas of science. Our unitary focus on intellectual property has proven to be advantageous. Wolf Greenfield attorneys genuinely believe IP to be the most exciting field in the legal industry, and we value our interactions with clients whose inventions, products, and services are changing the world for the better. As a firm, we make sure our attorneys' commitment and dedication is matched by a rich infrastructure designed and refined with the practice of IP law in mind. With over eight decades of IP experience behind us, we understand intellectual property - its subtleties, intricacies, and how best to serve our clients' IP needs - on a level other firms can only hope to achieve.

Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

600 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210-2206
Phone: (617) 646-8000


President and Managing Partner: Timothy Oyer
Recruiting Chair: John Van Amsterdam

Base Salary

1st year: $190,000
Summer Associate: $3,654/week

Summer Program

Summer Associate Offers:
2 out of 2 (2Ls) (2016) 3 out of 3 (2Ls) (2017)

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA
New York, NY

Major Departments & Practices

Chemical & Materials Technologies
Electrical & Computer Technologies
Mechanical Technologies
Post Grant Proceedings
Trademark & Copyright