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“I Wish Them The Best”

Great location and they rarely fire anyone. The workload is not crushing and the hours of most are 9-5. The salary is also generous. These past few years, they have systematically promoted senior associates to partnership even when they had no book of business or capacity to survive on the compensation formula of partners.


Classic case of management fatigue. After decades of the same people in charge, doing the same things year after year, this place is, to say simply, boring. Those with a focus on family, outside life will stay. The gender diverse, the millennials, the racially diverse migrated out. Look at the diverse numbers, it says it all.

Advice to Candidates

This is big law that is relatively kind in work-life balance. If you like routine, wood, library-like atmospheres, you will enjoy this. Over the years, they multiplied management / structure actors who each have found a way to keep busy by creating more headaches for the attorneys. True story, a year ago, they created a $100/day fine for late time entry. The bold red reminders while on vacation were too much for me. I took a two week vacation, I got fined during the second week of vacation for not entering time during my first week of vacation... gees!

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