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At a Glance

“High-profile cases”

“Lack of formal dress code”



“Long hours and no life balance”

“Lack of formal training”

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About Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP has been cultivating the persona of an eccentric genius—shocking the often-staid (OK, uptight) legal world with its unorthodox approach while awing them with sweeping successes in the courtroom. This global litigation firm has always had its own style: partners wear flip-flops, many cases go through an in-house mock trial system before it goes to trial, and the firm eschews work from Wall Street banks because they can earn more by suing large financial institutions than by catering to them. Importantly, Quinn Emanuel tries lots of cases and walks away with a win nearly every time (88%, to be exact). Not content with just a high rate of success, Quinn Emanuel also likes to go big, with five 9-figure jury verdicts, thirty-four 9-figure settlements, and fifteen 10-figure settlements. That’s hundred millions and billions, in case you were wondering.

Planet Profits

Founded in 1986, Quinn Emanuel is younger than many of their associates. But dealing with legal youth is the specialty of appellate chair Kathleen Sullivan, who previously served as Dean of Stanford Law School for five years. Once dismissed as a small, “quirky” shop, Quinn Emanuel is now firmly established as a go-to counsel for some of the biggest, toughest litigation anywhere. The firm represents many of the world's leading companies, including IBM, Google, Cisco, Qualcomm, Shell, The Coca-Cola Company, Oracle, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sony, AIG, and Samsung, to name a few.

Even if Quinn sometimes seems to be on/from a different planet, it does speak one language that all firms understand: $$. The Recorder heralded Quinn Emanuel’s “screaming ascent” into the stratosphere of fiscal success in January 2008, when the firm announced a 30 percent increase in revenue (to $385 million) and again broke the $3 million mark in profits per partner. In April 2017, The American Lawyer reported that Quinn’s profits per partner hit $4.735 million and gross revenue increased to $1.2 billion. No Los Angeles-based firms have posted PPP that high—Quinn’s only competition in this regard comes from established New York firms. Much of Quinn’s financial success can be attributed to its tendency to take and win large cases, many on contingency.

An Explosion of International Expansion

Globally, Quinn Emanuel has now exported its litigation-only model to 13 offices in 8 countries outside the U.S. During the past four years, the firm has opened offices in Zurich, Seattle, Brussels, Houston, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Munich, Shanghai and, most recently, Stuttgart and Perth in 2017, and Boston in 2018. Since January 2017, the firm has hired 16 laterals globally, including two former U.S. ambassadors. Success in the courtroom has led to economic success as well. According to The Lawyer, Quinn Emanuel generated more revenue from litigation and arbitration in 2016 than any other firm in the world, putting the U.S. disputes boutique ahead of any global practice for the first time. The firm has consistently surpassed $1 billion in revenues since 2014. 



Quinn Emanuel attorneys serve as lead lawyers for Qualcomm in the largest multinational IP and competition law dispute in history. Apple claims the royalties Qualcomm charges for the use of its intellectual property are too high. Apple must use Qualcomm’s IP in all mobile devices due to an industry standard that governs mobile technology. Tens of billions of dollars are at stake. Apple has filed multiple suits over patent licensing, contract, and competition issues in the U.S., U.K., and Asia and regulatory proceedings in the U.S., E.U., Asia and several others. Qualcomm has sued Apple in the U.S., ITC, Germany, and China.


Quinn Emanuel represented Waymo LLC, formerly Google’s self-driving car program, in an action asserting the misappropriation of trade secrets related to Waymo’s self-driving technology LiDAR, (Light Detection and Ranging) against Uber Technologies, Inc. and Ottomotto LLC. After Waymo had presented much of its case-in-chief, the parties reached a settlement on the fourth day of trial, granting Waymo a percentage of equity in Uber (valued at $245 million) as well as injunctive relief that assures that Uber will not use Waymo’s trade secret hardware and software self-driving car technology.


Quinn Emanuel represents FIFA in connection to U.S. and Swiss criminal investigations and prosecutions relating to allegations of bribery and corruption in the international soccer world. The firm is advising FIFA on the investigations and conducting an internal investigation. Since the beginning, the firm has overseen a comprehensive internal investigation, and since prepared investigative reports to be delivered to the relevant authorities. As a result of its cooperation with authorities, FIFA has been deemed a victim of the corrupt schemes, allowing FIFA to continue organizing the 2018 FIFA World Cup and to file for restitution from those who profited at FIFA’s expense.

January 2018

Quinn Emanuel obtained a significant victory for Tsuburaya Productions over ownership rights of Tsuburaya’s iconic “Ultraman” superhero character in countries outside of Japan. In 1996, a Thai man claimed he owned all rights to “Ultraman” outside of Japan based on a contract executed 20 years earlier by Tsuburaya’s now deceased former president. The firm obtained partial summary judgment on the interpretation of the alleged contract, then the question of the contract’s authenticity was tried to a jury. Following a two-week trial, the jury unanimously found that the document was forged, paving the way for Tsuburaya to increase the presence of “Ultraman” in the United States and elsewhere.

October 2017

Quinn Emanuel represented the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. litigating objections to claims by Citibank related to the close-out and derivative valuation following Lehman’s 2008 bankruptcy. LBHI’s objections sought a significant reduction to the amounts claimed by Citibank, totaling over $2 billion, relating to approximately 30,000 derivatives trades on a variety of grounds including that Citibank failed to act in a commercially reasonable manner when valuing the derivatives. After a 42-day trial, LBHI reached a settlement which returned $1.74 billion to Lehman’s creditors. In October 2017, the Bankruptcy Court approved the settlement.

October 2017

Quinn Emanuel represented the Espinosa family, former owners of Rimsa, who sold Rimsa to Teva for $2.3 billion. Teva sued the Espinosas for fraud, seeking over $4 billion, alleging that Rimsa defrauded Teva by keeping a parallel set of records to conceal violations of Mexican pharmaceutical regulations. The firm accomplished three major victories during the case: Mexican pharmaceutical regulators cleared Espinosas of any wrongdoing; the U.S. court denied Teva’s motion seeking to freeze the Espinosas’ assets worldwide; and the U.S. court dismissed Teva’s fraud claim. Ultimately, Teva accepted a settlement, resulting in the Espinosas paying a fraction of what Teva sought.

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

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Managing Partner: John B. Quinn
Hiring Partner: Bill Urquhart

Base Salary

All offices
1st year: $190,000
2nd year: $200,000
3rd year: $220,000
4th year: $255,000
5th year: $280,000
6th year: $305,000
7th year: $325,000
Summer associate: $3,654/week There is a $105,000 clerkship bonus for Federal judicial clerks. Qualifying double clerkships are eligible for $125,000.

Summer Program

Summer Associate Offers:
6 out of 6 (2Ls) (2017)

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