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About Miller & Chevalier Chartered

Founded in 1920, Miller & Chevalier was the first federal tax practice in the country. Ninety years later, the Washington, D.C. firm is still known for its tax law prowess, in addition to strong departments in litigation, international law, government affairs and employee benefits.

Crunching Numbers for Woodrow

For a firm that would build itself on a mountain of tax filings, Miller & Chevalier had an auspicious beginning. Robert N. Miller, the founder of the firm, was a tax attorney who served as solicitor of the IRS (then the Bureau of Internal Revenue) under none other than President Woodrow Wilson. After founding the firm in 1920, Miller also acted as an advisor to the House Ways and Means Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. Miller also alerted the American Bar Association to the potential of federal tax law practices, earning an ABA award in 1960 that honored him for his “contribution to the development of the law and policy of federal taxation.”

Death, Miller and Taxes

Today, Miller & Chevalier is still synonymous with tax law, and the firm assists clients in tax issues ranging from international tax to business transactions and reorganization tax issues. Many of the firm's lawyers have experience in D.C. buildings other than the firm's, including working in the White House, Congress, the Treasury Department, Commerce Department, Justice Department, Homeland Security and even the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Two-thirds of the firm's practice is litigation, ranging from white collar and internal investigations to ERISA issues to, of course, those pesky tax litigation problems. The firm's government affairs department, meanwhile, assists businesses both domestic and foreign to comply with U.S. law. And the firm is no slouch when it comes to reeling in the big clients: the boutique has represented a third of the Fortune 100 as well as clients in every industry from aerospace to mining to telecommunications.

Why Work Here

Miller and Chevalier is a proud sponsor of the Vault/MCCA Law Firm Diversity Database. The firm actively promotes diverse hiring, retention and promotion within the firm. To learn more about the firm and their diversity initiatives, including a six-week "Introduction to Legal Reasoning" course for first-year law students and a recent firm lawyer retreat focused on "Bridging Understandings" within the firm and between the firm and its clients, please visit the firm website's Diversity pages.

To view their full Vault Diversity profile, click here.

Our Culture

At Miller & Chevalier, our values include pride in our reputation as a collegial and supportive law firm. By focusing on excellence in our practice areas, we have maintained a size that allows our lawyers to work on current, cutting edge matters in an environment that promotes professional development and personal growth. More important to the firm culture, our size allows us to know one another and to appreciate the diverse talents and interests that comprise the firm community. We celebrate our curiosity about one another’s work and our understanding of one another’s practices. We encourage our lawyers to help others across practice groups, to build relationships, and to develop valuable experience. We value the perspective, energy, and curiosity of our young lawyers. And we understand that professional fulfillment requires full lives, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Miller & Chevalier’s size also means that we staff cases in a way that enables, in fact requires, our young lawyers to practice law, rather than relegating them to roles as note-takers or document reviewers. We expect our young associates to develop substantive legal skills and to participate in problem-solving for clients from the first day of their legal careers. We also encourage all of our lawyers to begin building their own practices, reflecting their interests and their aspirations, from the moment they join the firm.

We actively encourage our lawyers to contribute to the community at large. Our pro bono program is built upon a core belief that talented and committed lawyers have a unique opportunity to promote equality through meaningful access to the legal system. Our diversity fellowship reflects our commitment to find contemporary solutions to long-standing challenges. And our work with local schools and rising law students demonstrates our efforts to grow the next generation of lawyers and leaders.

We value our lawyers’ commitments to their families and to life outside of the practice of law. Our innovative part-time policy is designed to allow our lawyers to maintain their robust practices during periods in their lives when family obligations require flexibility and creativity. The policy, and the understanding of priorities that drove its creation, contributed to Miller & Chevalier’s recognition as a “Best Law Firm for Women” byWorking Mother Magazine and Flex-Time Lawyers in 2007, 2008, and 2009. 

  “As a single parent working full time, I have significant constraints on my time and availability. I have nevertheless thrived at Miller & Chevalier. I am mentored and supported and given substantive assignments consistent with my legal interests. Good lawyering does not have to occur in the office between the hours of 8am and 6pm.”
Yvonne Williams, Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and former Miller & Chevalier Counsel

Miller & Chevalier is a recipient of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia's Constance L. Belfiore Quality of Life Award. The firm was cited for its commitment to enhancing diversity within its workforce, promoting women in key leadership positions, establishing the first ever Diversity Fellowship Program, and implementing programs that promote an open dialogue about diversity in the workplace.

“We are truly honored to be the recipient of such an esteemed award,” said Pam Bernstein, Executive Director of Miller & Chevalier. “It is the intangibles that make this firm a very special place to work. Respect, support, consideration -- all things that cannot be quantified -- but important elements present in this firm that make me very proud to be a member of the Miller & Chevalier team. We are grateful for this recognition.”

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Material above is originally from Miller & Chevalier's website. To view in its entirety, please click here.

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