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About McAfee & Taft

Founded in 1952, Oklahoma-based McAfee & Taft has become one of the largest and best-known law firms in its region. McAfee handles all kinds of corporate, securities, and regulatory matters for clients; the firm has also developed specialties in aviation law, real estate, agriculture, and Native American law, among other areas.

Energy Pioneers

In its early days, McAfee & Taft made some pioneering moves in the oil and gas industry, building a reputation as a leader in the energy field that continues today. In the 1950s, firm founder Kenneth McAfee helped register the first public drilling fund with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Soon after, another early partner, Richard Taft, registered the first international drilling fund. To top off the firm’s historical energy credentials, McAfee partner Eugene Kuntz literally wrote the book on the field. Kuntz on Oil & Gas is still an authoritative treatise on energy law.

Besides energy, the firm’s top-ranked practices include corporate, employment, litigation, and real estate. The firm’s litigators handle cases in a broad spectrum of subject areas, including antitrust, bankruptcy, product liability, and intellectual property disputes. McAfee & Taft's clients include big names such as Devon Energy, Express Services, Stage Stores, Inc., Texas True Choice, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, RAM Energy, and Halliburton. Taking its practice to a global level, McAfee has worked with corporate and finance clients on transactions involving parties in Canada, Australia, Russia, other countries across Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Over the Bumpy Road

Such a variety of practices has brought Oklahoma’s law firm a truckload of interesting cases. The firm has received press for helping Oklahoma-based Devon Energy develop a “super 401K” retirement plan that allows employees to invest in what resembles a more traditional pension plan—the company controls the majority of investment decisions but gives more generous contributions.  The firm won a major patent infringement case in Oklahoma—the settlement was for $10 million over the life of the patent—for a cardiologist named Jan Voda who had developed a “guiding heart catheter.” In another big patent case, the firm won a case for client Dickson Industries, winning the Oklahoma manufacturer over $1 million stemming from a dispute over the making of rumble strips (the bumpy indents made along the edge of highways to alert drivers they’ve drifted from the lane).

McAfee & Taft

Two Leadership Square, 10th Floor
211 North Robinson Avenue, Tenth Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7103
Phone: (405) 235-9621

Firm Stats

Managing Director: Michael F. Lauderdale

Employment Contact

Joshua D. Smith
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2301

Major Office Locations

Springfield, MO
Oklahoma City, OK (HQ)
Tulsa, OK

Major Departments

Appellate Practice
Banking & Finance
Business Law
Business Restructuring, Workouts & Bankruptcy
Corporate & Securities
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Environmental Law
Healthcare Law
Intellectual Property
Labor & Employment
Real Estate
Subrogation & Strategic Recovery Services
Tax & Family Wealth