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“Good for litigation experience, bad for career building and long term growth”

The people: the lawyers don't take themselves TOO seriously. Most are good at what they do and friendly. The staff are very diverse and seem happy.

The office: it doesn't get much better than the US Bank Tower in dtla. It's new, safe, hip, and you also get free access to a gym on the 57th floor.

Clientele: pretty much any large corporation and/or insurance company you can imagine has been a client of LBBS at some point. If you have any interest in any particular area of law, chances are you can find a partner who works in that field.


The firm is cheap. Cheap supplies, cheap software, constant software problems and server shutdowns. Only a 2,500 referral fee for bringing in an associate.

Management is poor. They do not invest at all in their junior associates. Probably because of the turnover rate. But why the turnover rate? Because you don't invest in your associates!

High turnover/inexperienced secretaries (probably due to low pay).

Advice to Candidates

Overall I am happy here, but I don't think I speak for most associates. It totally depends on what group you're in.

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