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“Don’t work here; run away from it like the plague”

Lots of offices and office space due to extensive number of attorney departures and over-extension on the lease: high overhead, baby!


Terrible and mean-spirited management; too high overhead; lack of diversity of practice groups or cultures/ethnicities; great place for old white men to drain law firm coffers to pay for expensive cars driven my management committee members; retrograde and backward-looking approach to management with lots of stick for punishment and nil carrots for rewards; lack of transparency. The paternalistic management plays favorites with staff and attorneys and once cast as a less-deserving “child” (employee), even if unjustified and based on incorrect presumptions and facts, you cannot shake it.

Advice to Candidates

Don’t do it unless you are old, male, and value lack of diversity of practice groups and ethnicity. (I regret it-I wanted to out “too long” in response to the answer of how long I worked here but non-numeric answers are disallowed).

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