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“Administrative Assistant”

Close to my house.

Weekends off.

Unlimited supply of coffee at the office.


Lawyer is a tyrant and unappreciative.

It isn’t unreasonable to think that assistants may be replaced some day by computers.

There is no future for the Administrative Assistant at this law firm. None whatsoever.

Advice to Candidates

Believe in your new employees! Grow with them even if they are new to the admin world because chances are you getting someone who is advanced professionally with a skilled set is highly unlikely! Dismissing new employee will only result in "shooting yourself in the foot" because you loose that ability in teaching someone from the ground up and losing potential great employees.

Honestly a real professional will not seek a career as an administrative assistant at this law firm. There are other professions that have “personality” and help fuel purpose. Most people want purpose. Most people want to make a difference which you can't at this firm.

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